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What Is A Broiler? Is It Easy To Raise Broilers?

What is a broiler? Is it easy to raise broilers?

Broilers have the characteristics of fast growth, short feeding period, and fast benefits. Broilers do not like activities and grow fast. The younger the day, the higher the relative growth rate. The weight of the broilers at the first weekend is 3 times that of the broilers at the first weekend. The amount of feed is large and the feed utilization rate is high, but the feed consumption per unit body weight increases with the increase of age.

After solving the problem of what is a broiler, is it easy to raise a broiler? The answer is yes. Based on the characteristics of a broiler, a series of tasks can be used to raise a good broiler.

Variety selection

The fast-growing broiler breeds include Avian broiler, Roman chicken, Hubbard, Baoxing, Acona and other imported breeds, and some are hybrids of local breeds and imported fast-growing broiler breeds. of. Such as Shiqi mixed chicken, three yellow chicken, Beijing oil chicken, Changhe yellow chicken, Hetian chicken and so on. When raising, choose appropriate broiler breeds to raise according to market sales and local environmental conditions.

Disinfection work

Before entering the chicks, do a good job of disinfection, carefully clean the indoor walls and floors, and then disinfect. It is best to use fumigation and disinfection, such as Dex, first seal the chicken house. Dex is fumigated at 3-5 grams per cubic meter, which is economical and convenient; it can also be fumigated and disinfected with formaldehyde and potassium permanganate, according to formaldehyde per cubic meter. Mix 30ml of rice and 15g of potassium permanganate, seal for 24 hours, then open doors and windows to ventilate.

Feeding management

1. Temperature: The temperature of broilers is basically the same as that of laying hens, 33-34°C for 1-3 days, and then 3°C every week. Stop cooling when the temperature in the house reaches 21°C. Pay attention to the temperature of the chicken. It is advisable for the chicken to not open its mouth or get together.

2. Density: The growth rate of broiler chickens is fast, and it should be evenly distributed in time to ensure that the chickens eat and drink at the same time to provide a good environment for rapid growth and development.

3. Feed: Use full feed and supplement vitamins in drinking water to improve anti-stress and disease resistance.

4. Light: you can use 1-3 days of all-day light, and then turn off the lights at 12:00 every night, and turn off the lights for 1 hour in the middle; you can also feed as normal during the day and turn on the lights when feeding at night. Make chickens eat and rest , Orderly cycle of weight gain.

5. Ventilation: Strengthen ventilation on the basis of heat preservation to reduce harmful gases in the house and prevent the occurrence of diseases such as E. coli and mycoplasma.

Immune disease prevention

The growth period of broiler chickens is short. If you want to increase survival rate and reduce infectious diseases, it is necessary to improve immunity. In addition to Newcastle disease and bursal bursal vaccine, we must also pay attention to the prevention of seasonal diseases, such as fowlpox immunity in autumn. At the same time, prevention of diseases such as pullorum, coccidiosis, E. coli, ascites, and leg disease should be done.

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