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Talk About The Risk Of Broiler Breeding

Talk about the risk of broiler breeding

Broiler breeding is very suitable for farming in rural areas due to its short cycle. It is a short and fast project. However, with the intensive breeding of broilers and the continuous mutation of bacteria, the risk of broiler breeding is relatively high, especially last year’s avian influenza, which is a problem for the chicken industry. The heavy blow has caused chicken farmers in many places to lose their money, but at present, the chicken industry is slowly recovering.

Seize the opportunity to enter the seedlings

Controlling the risks of broiler breeding is mainly to manage your own chicken flocks so that the flocks are healthy and safe, but if you want to obtain higher profits, you must choose the best time to enter the seedlings. As a breeder, you can investigate more before entering the seedlings. Through the hatchery, feed, veterinary drugs, and breeding peers, even to understand the local and national breeding conditions, consumption and disease conditions, to draw your own conclusions, to determine your own chicken intake time, do not blindly follow the trend, just see the market It’s all wrong to rush into the chicken and see the market downturn and lose confidence.

Outbreak risk

The key to successful immunization of broiler chickens is especially for immunization against Newcastle disease and bursa of bursa. To formulate a reasonable immunization program, what kind of immunization program should be implemented, must be based on the local epidemic situation and the past experience to formulate a suitable immunization. Procedures, or follow the after-sales recommendations for immunization procedures.

Manage risk

Raising broiler chickens to strengthen management is always the core of broiler breeding. As a breeder, we must always think about how to manage the chickens to the best condition, and we must create the best living environment for the chickens. Many experts and experienced farmers know about breeding. Broiler chicken is the breeding environment. When the environment is better, there will be fewer or no diseases. This will not only reduce the cost of medicine but also bring you huge profits.

Disease risk

Broiler breeding is very important to the prevention and control of influenza, Newcastle disease and E. coli. The causes of large numbers of chicken deaths are generally mixed infections such as viruses, big rods, respiratory tract and even coccidia. In summer, attention should be paid to immunosuppressive diseases. Because of the hot weather, breeder chickens consume less food, which in turn causes the quality of breeding eggs to decline, which in turn leads to poor quality of chicken fry. In this case, it is easy to induce immunosuppressive diseases and the immunity of chickens is also Decline, which brings great difficulty to broiler breeding.

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