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Poultry Farm Cage Price

poultry farm cage price

poultry farm cage price Fermented bed chicken breeding technology not only achieves the effective treatment of chicken manure, realizes zero emission, no pollution, no odor, but also provides the most suitable ecological environment for the healthy growth of chickens. Fermented bed breeding technology has become more and more popular. Favor of farmers. However, how much do you know about the fermentation bed technology?

Principle of fermentation bed technology

In the nature where we live, there are many kinds of bacteria, we call them microorganisms. These microorganisms are beneficial and some are harmful. Beneficial bacteria is a mixed group of various local microorganisms. Beneficial bacteria are vital and adaptable, and have strong decomposition ability. Then put these bacteria in the chicken house, and decompose the chicken manure through the activity of these bacteria, so as to achieve the goal of no smell and zero discharge of chicken manure.

Fermented bed chicken breeding technology was first researched and developed by the Yamagishi Society of Japan in the 1950s. In line with the principle of circular agriculture, the breeding industry and planting industry are organically combined.

The benefits of fermentation bed technology

The benefits of raising chickens on fermented beds are similar to that of raising pigs on fermented beds. It saves 70% of labor, saves water, improves chicken quality, significantly improves the appearance of chickens, and significantly reduces the incidence of disease (especially respiratory diseases, etc.). The chicken house is almost inaudible To the smell, it improves the working environment, which is far different from the traditional chicken raising method, and achieves the purpose of zero emission, no pollution to the environment, and increased economic benefits.

Fermentation bed chicken not only achieves the effective treatment of chicken manure, realizes zero emission, pollution-free, and odorless, but also provides the most suitable ecological environment for the healthy growth of chickens. Chickens grow in this environment, with fast growth, more eggs, good egg quality, less disease, labor, water, and materials are greatly saved, and the benefits of raising chickens are significantly improved. Fermentation bed breeding is an effective and more reasonable ecological chicken breeding.

Problems that should be paid attention to in the fermentation bed

A normal immunization program is essential.
The problem of using antibiotics and other medicines. Fermentation bed is just a kind of welfare living environment for chickens. It has not made too many changes to the breeding method. Normal immune procedures are indispensable and will not affect the fermentation bed. . To raise chickens in a fermented bed environment, antibiotic drugs can be gradually replaced by probiotics; the impact of antibiotic accumulation in feed on litter can be eliminated by adding certain beneficial bacteria to the feed.

Flip regularly.
If you choose to use all sawdust for the litter, it is a water-retaining material, which is easy to harden after long-term use. However, if you use a reasonable combination of water-retaining and permeability materials, the fermentation bed can be turned once a week or even two weeks.

Green and healthy breeding has become the main development trend of animal husbandry in the future. Fermentation bed is the fundamental way of green breeding. The use of biological fermentation bed technology, a one-time investment, long-term benefits, and the effect is very obvious. The fermentation bed chicken technology has a good development prospect.

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