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Commercial Rabbit Cages

commercial rabbit cages

commercial rabbit cages Many chicken farmers will ask, why do chickens need to be kept in pens? What are the advantages of cage breeding?

(1) The stalls of the chicken shop can facilitate the observation of whether there are any abnormalities in the regional chicken flock. Conducive to weed out disabled and weak young.

(2) is conducive to controlling excessive activity of the flock and promoting weight gain.

(3) Facilitates immunity. When vaccinating, the small area compartment can prevent the chicks from crowding, heat death and crushing caused by human.

(4) When there is a big stress (such as noise, spray, etc.), it can reduce unnecessary losses caused by stress.

(5) is conducive to improving the quality of chicken products. It can avoid chicken bleeding and congestion caused by large areas of chickens crowding together and colliding with each other when they are out of slaughter to catch chickens. In addition, it can also prevent the chickens from being too concentrated when they are out of the slaughter to catch the chickens, causing the grid frame to collapse and crush the chickens, reducing losses.

(6) Nylon mesh or waste plastic mesh can be used as the raw material for the partition. The height is 30-40 cm (the same height as the side net), and a fence is provided for every 500-600 chickens.

In the process of broiler feeding and management, which can affect the growth of broilers, in addition to several major factors such as temperature, humidity, ventilation, light, density, and environmental sanitation at different stages, there are many favorable measures that can promote the growth of broilers, which are beneficial to The performance of broiler chicken production. Stall feeding is a better measure.

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