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How Much Is A Hailan Brown Egg Chicken Seedling

How much is a Hailan brown egg chicken seedling

Hailan brown layer chicken is a breed of brown shell layer chicken, especially suitable for large-scale, intensive, professional households or farming. Hailan brown layer chickens have the advantages of high egg production rate and easy breeding, and the number of breeding has increased in recent years. How much is the price of Hailan brown layer chicken a catty? How much is a Hailan brown layer chicken seedling?

How much is the price of a pound of Hailan brown layer chicken?

The price of Hailan brown layer chicken is generally around 8-12 yuan

How much is a Hailan brown layer chicken seedling?

The price of Hailan brown layer chickens is about 2-5 yuan. The price will be affected by factors such as size, quantity purchased, region, market conditions and so on.

When selecting chicks, we must observe the health signs such as mental condition, dryness of the fluff, and cleanliness of the anus, try to select good chicks and improve the survival rate of chicks.

How much is a pound of Hailan brown eggs?

The price of Hailan brown eggs is generally around 6.50 yuan / jin.

The price of a Hailan brown egg is generally around 1.3 yuan.

※ Note: There will be some differences in prices in different regions, but generally not too big. The above is for reference, and the actual local market prevails.

Hailan brown eggs and chai eggs which have higher nutritional value?

Nutrition speaking, the nutrient composition of eggs is basically the same, but due to the different feeding methods and feeding feeds, there will be some changes. Just like the eggs produced by ordinary laying hens, in addition to the nutrient composition, it will definitely contain non-nutrition ingredients.

Helland brown and helland gray, which kind of egg looks like soil eggs

Hybrid brown producing brown shell eggs

Hyacinth ash

Hyacinth ash primary eggs look like earthen eggs (small size, egg white, thick yolk, thick egg shell)

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