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How To Raise Broilers In Autumn?

How to raise broilers in autumn?

After late autumn, the weather gradually becomes cold, and it is necessary to do a good job of preventing cold and heat preservation of the chicken house.
1. Daily management. Observe the spirit, appetite and feces of the chickens every morning and evening when feeding. Those with mental atrophy, loss of appetite, and abnormal stools must be further isolated for examination.
2. In autumn, you should also pay attention to the prevention and treatment of diseases. Leukocytosis in chickens is a disease caused by the infestation of leukocyte protozoa on the tissue cells of blood and internal organs. Sick chickens are depressed, stand alone with closed eyes, diarrhea, decreased appetite or annihilation; stools are green and bloody stools often occur; chickens are anemia, weight loss, pale crown, growth retardation; most sick chickens have sudden hemoptysis and difficulty breathing before death ; The laying rate of laying hens dropped sharply. After a necropsy, it can be seen that the chicken’s crown and meat beard are pale, the flesh color becomes lighter, and the whole body is bleeding extensively; the liver is swollen and has yellow-white nodules from miliaria to soybeans; the kidneys are swollen and hemorrhages on the surface. A large number of blood clots; bleeding spots in the spleen; bleeding spots in the pancreas, musculature, and abdominal fat of individual chickens; pulmonary bleeding, clots in the trachea and bronchi.
3. Reduce the impact of climate change, make the small climate change in the chicken house not too large, and reduce the temperature difference between day and night. For broiler chickens raised outside the house when the temperature is too high during the day, the chickens should be driven to the shade of the trees or in the pergola, and when the temperature is low at night, the chickens should be driven into the house.
4. Supplement artificial lighting. Laying hens have less than 12 hours of natural light, especially after the end of September. It is more convenient to add artificial light for 1 to 14 hours. For broilers, light only needs to provide lighting that is convenient for eating and drinking, and the daily light is generally 8-14 hours.
5. Control the density and group reasonably. According to the age, breeding and ventilation conditions, the suitable density for ground free-range breeding is generally 30-25 per square meter for 1-20 days old, and 20-15 per square meter for 21-40 days old. According to the age and the size of the chicken house, the group can be grouped reasonably in time.
6. The chicken house must be dry and well ventilated. Make the air in the chicken house fresh and free of peculiar smell.
7. “All in and all out” system. Generally, according to the capacity of the chicken house, the flocks of each chicken house must be sold in turn, and then the farm will be cleaned for more than 2 weeks. During this period, complete disinfection of the entire chicken house, equipment and utensils, including the environment around the chicken house, will be carried out.
8. Strengthen nutrition. After the fall, the warm and cold air alternates. For broiler breeders that lay eggs for a long time, they will be tired. If they are not managed carefully, it is easy to stop production and moult. At this time, it is necessary to increase the nutrient level of the diet, and appropriately supplement animal protein feed and Multi-vitamins, equipped with enough troughs and water troughs, to ensure that each chicken has a suitable position, enough to eat and drink.

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