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Veterinarians Watch The Focus Of Broiler Health

Veterinarians watch the focus of broiler health

Now we want to raise chickens, healthy chicks, full-price nutrition, a suitable environment and a healthy body. These four conditions are indispensable.

1. Chicken health is the most important, it directly determines the benefit

Because the health of the chicks cannot be repaired and compensated, for example, in Chinese medicine, the kidney is innate. If the chicks come from the mother, the kidneys will be damaged, which cannot be compensated by the acquired. Every hatchery has good and bad seedlings. Therefore, we must be careful when choosing chickens, and also understand that the price of chickens determines their overall quality.

2. There are also many feed problems, which is also a very important factor that determines the efficiency of our broiler feeding

If we raise hundreds of thousands of chickens by ourselves, we cannot raise tens of thousands of broiler breeders ourselves, nor can we build a feed factory by ourselves. Therefore, we are very passive in accepting the existing chicks and feeds, The possible problems are well understood.

3. A suitable environment, which we can control in our own hands

Standardized breeding, adjust environmental factors, that is, what we call environmental control is very important.

4. The above three points are all done to have a fourth healthy body

Regarding the farming mode, currently, Shandong has the best online flat raising; ground-based free-range Fujian Shengnong is excellent; online cage farming does not yet have a standard, which requires us to rely on the local latitude to confirm. However, can you raise chickens with standard equipment? I have seen a chicken farm with a large Dutch equipment costing 6.5 million yuan. The survival rate of the first three batches of chickens is only 85%; and the normal farms with cage equipment also have good farming. What’s more, the breeding results of different chicken houses in the same chicken farm are very different: once the sick chickens in a chicken house are cut open, you can see what disease is what. ; A chicken coop 25 meters away, there is no problem, the survival rate is as high as 98%.

The quality of a large-scale farm depends on every detail in feeding management. The concerns of broiler chickens at various stages of breeding are as follows:

First, the focus before entering the seedlings The focus before entering the seedlings is the implementation inspection of each job, including cleaning and disinfection, attention monitoring; the formulation of cleaning and disinfection procedures; the monitoring of work links; the monitoring of disinfection effects, and other preparations. For this reason, it is recommended that more than 100,000 broiler farms should be observed for bacterial culture of the disinfection effect: before disinfection, expose the petri dish to the chicken house for three or four minutes, then cultivate, and finally look at the total number of bacteria per square centimeter; After disinfection, repeat this process again, and you can see the disinfection effect before and after comparison. Otherwise, it is always disinfected, but the epidemic is still recurring, so you can see if the disinfection effect is as you think.

Second, 1-7 days old focus on what should we focus on in the first week? Some say temperature; some say ventilation; some say density; some say light; some say humidity. As far as I know, the core focus of many aquaculture groups in the first week is the weight on the weekend-after removing the crop, it is raised to 200 grams. This is a goal. Everyone who raises white feather broilers knows this sentence, “Weekend will be a lifetime”: the weight of the first weekend determines the slaughter weight of the broiler; for each gram of weight over the first weekend, the slaughter weight is 10 to 15 grams more. To achieve an ideal weekend weight, we must do a good job of the five major breeding factors of temperature, ventilation, density, light and humidity. However, there are no fixed standards for these factors, and they must change accordingly with your equipment, climate, chick weight, and other factors; in short, do whatever you want to make your chickens comfortable. Secondly, within the first week of large-scale breeding farms, 1%-3% are forcibly eliminated. If the price of chicks is low, the elimination can be more severe. If the Miao money is as high as 4-5 yuan/piece, 0.7%-1% will be eliminated. The eliminated 3% cannot help everyone make money; since they cannot make money, why should antibiotics be used to maintain his life, why not let them out early? At the same time, in traditional farming, it is afraid that the yolk will not be absorbed, and the absorption is too slow. This was due to poor sanitary conditions before, and everyone was worried about yolk inflammation, so this understanding was formed. In fact, normal yolk absorption takes 12 and a half days to absorb 90%, and there are maternal antibodies in the yolk. If the maternal antibody disappears too quickly, and the new vaccine antibody has not yet come up, this will be a 3-5 day vacancy period, which can easily lead to the emergence of atypical Newcastle disease and H9. In broiler farming abroad for 1 to 3 days, they will add yolk absorption inhibitors. Instead, we treat the yolk as a burden, which is really sad. Therefore, we must let the yolk be absorbed healthily and properly. We can dissect healthy chickens to see the thymus, bursa and spleen, so as to understand the resistance of the body in the later stages. Oral medicine determines the health of chicks. In this regard, a stocking and self-raising group, the opening medicine of the stocking part is generally the most sensitive, such as cephalosporins; and the self-supporting part is the lowest generation, such as amoxicillin. We raised a group of chickens ourselves, and the survival rate of the most sensitive first seven days was 3% higher than that of no medicine, but the weight gain rate and comprehensive benefit of the later period of no medicine were much exceeded. The true healthy breeding is to use true scientific methods to breed. The first principle of medication is safety, not efficacy. Therefore, in the selection of opening medicines, it is necessary to choose the opening medicines reasonably according to the chick’s physique, and to ensure that the body weight does not affect the weekend, to ensure basic health, that is, does not affect the development and growth of various organs of the body, and reduce various stresses as medicine in principle. In immunization, the vaccine strain is very important, and it is the saddest when the disease is not immunized, but it is the most sad; the immunization route, the injection should be injected, the oral should be taken orally, the nasal drops should be nasal drops, a comprehensive antibody, an intestine Tract mucosa, a respiratory tract mucosa, no one can miss; to pay attention to the immune response and immune index, it is recommended that large-scale farms with more than 50,000 broilers should have an antibody detection device, and can no longer blindly touch the elephant; pay attention to the rolling reaction of the vaccine In Shandong, especially in October, who dares to do the second immunity of Newcastle disease; to pay attention to the feeding and management focus of the immunization period, it is necessary to reduce stress and not create stress, such as raising the house temperature before immunization, and concentrating chickens at the same time After immunization, the chickens crowded each other, and after the immunization, the chickens bingeed and then had diarrhea. We passively used the medicine. If the medicine is not appropriate, the coccidiosis will come, and a disease process is created in this way.

Third, 8-14 days old concern This week’s concern is to gradually increase the amount of ventilation, pay attention to the contradiction between temperature and focus on the control of immune stress after Newcastle disease immunization. 1. Decide to lower the temperature gradually according to your physique and season. Second, the humidity strives to reach the standard. Third, increase ventilation according to the season, pay attention to the location of ventilation. Fourth, the adjustment of time and light intensity to reduce sudden death. Fifth, adjust the density according to the season. The above five points must grasp the principle: the gentle connection of the internal environment is the basic principle to reduce stress response. At this stage, we must pay attention to the control of mycoplasma disease and excessive immune stress methods; pay attention to the use of pure Chinese medicine preventive drugs to control immune rolling stress in 24 hours after immunization of Newcastle disease; pay attention to intestinal reactions at this stage-indigestion (overdose) Or diarrhea and other symptoms; pay attention to the stomach symptoms (glandular gastritis) caused by mold or immunosuppressive diseases. Pay attention to the intestine. The intestine is the body’s largest immune organ. The integrity of the intestinal mucosa depends on the conversion and absorption of feed, which requires Put an end to the disease. In terms of immunization, the focus of this stage is on bursal disease immunization, including the selection of vaccines and immunization routes; immunization methods and effects; immunization considerations; management focus during immunization. The bursal immune response should disappear within 72 hours, otherwise the body’s resistance is too small, or the virulence of the strain is too large.

Fourth, 15-21 days old focus 15 days later, we must pay attention to ventilation issues, such as how to change the ventilation method, we must pay attention to the somatosensory temperature of the chicken; the temperature, somatosensory in the front, middle and rear of the house The temperature, the wind speed of the chicken’s back, the direction of the wind, and the humidity should be recorded in the daily logbook, otherwise you will not know where it failed. If the ventilation is not good, it will be cold and hot, and the day of ventilation is a precursor to the onset of the disease; no more than three days of respiratory symptoms; no more than the fifth day of air bag turbidity; no more than ten days, prepare to sell chicken. Newcastle disease in broilers is between 10 and 15 days old, while bird flu is between 21 and 28 days. Therefore, we should pay attention to how to protect the blank period of immunization, which determines whether the body is healthy in the fourth week. At the same time, this period of time should focus on the IBD immune response to minimize immune stress.

Fifth, the focus of 22-28-day-old focus on the fourth week is to master the balance between ventilation and temperature. At the same time, this period is also a blank period for avian influenza immunization, so we must adjust the contradiction between ventilation and temperature. To achieve a smooth transition and reduce large fluctuations, even a temperature difference of 5 ℃ will become the detonation point of the epidemic, thus ensuring continuous feed intake. Whether the management work this week is in place determines whether the 35-day-old will be forced to sell chickens.

Sixth, 29-35 days old focus This week is the red warning stage. If the previous management is not good, this period should explode. On some large-scale chicken farms, the survival rate can reach 99% on the 21st day. If problems occur at this time, you can only contact the slaughterhouse in advance. In fact, many times the onset is when we create opportunities for pathogens, and which aspects of insufficient feeding and management will lead to which aspects of the disease. The focus this week is on bird flu, Newcastle disease and somatosensory temperature of chickens, and prevention of overfeeding and diarrhea. In general, before 35 days, the most important thing is to ventilate, and focus on the control of the somatosensory temperature of the chicken formed by the temperature, humidity and wind speed at the back of the chicken. All this involves how to open the big fan, such as speed, area, ventilation, distance, air door angle, temperature correction and so on. To raise chickens in winter, you must think about the direction of the wind. You must control this; otherwise, if you do not control the wind, it will control you. Now, the problem with many farms is that the wind speed is too high. At the same time, it is recommended to equip the farm with ammonia gas content probe and oxygen content probe. First, decide whether to ventilate by ammonia gas and oxygen content. After ventilating, the temperature changes, and adjust the temperature accordingly. Seventh, 35-listing concerns 35 days to release, we must pay attention to the prevention and control of intestinal diseases, such as the prevention of mycotoxin and Clostridium welchii; at the same time, we must pay attention to the growth efficiency, the feed ratio is 0.05% For a chicken, there is a difference of 0.8 yuan; even more to prevent emergencies, standardized farms are most afraid of power outages. For half an hour, four or five thousand chickens may die. Finally, to sum up, healthy chicks in large-scale broiler farms are fundamental, full-price nutrition is the foundation, a suitable environment is the core, and a healthy body is the guarantee; and foundation + fundamental + core + guarantee = benefit. Therefore, feeding management is the most important. When the chicken is raised, the disease will naturally be less, and the benefit will be higher. Therefore, we must focus on chickens, pay attention to every detail in the breeding, constantly compare and constantly summarize, so as to explore the benefit model suitable for our own farm, and do it every day.

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