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Eight Misunderstandings Of Large-scale Chicken Breeding

Eight Misunderstandings of Large-scale Chicken Breeding

Although many chicken farmers have developed to a certain scale in the production of chickens, sometimes in order to improve the breeding efficiency, they will also fall into the misunderstanding of raising chickens, but it leads to poor breeding efficiency of the entire chicken farm. The eight misunderstandings of chickens are detailed as follows:

Blind introduction  Many chicken farmers have the idea that the newer the better the breed, regardless of the local conditions and breeding conditions of the imported breeds and the market demand. There are also some professional chicken farmers who only want the price to be cheap and ignore the quality of the chicks.

Misuse of feed additives Many chicken farmers regard feed additives as a panacea for improving production performance. They are not abused according to the content of various nutrients in the feed. This not only increases the cost of chicken feed, but also destroys various nutrients. Material balance.

Blind medications Once many chicken farmers encounter the disease of chickens, they will blindly use the drugs themselves without confirmation by the veterinarians, thereby delaying the disease and wasting the economy.

Long-term use of medicines in the daily production of feed management for chickens. Feeding various medicines for a long time to prevent chicken diseases not only causes damage to the kidneys of the chickens and waste of medicines, but also makes various bacteria resistant to drugs, which seriously affects Later on the therapeutic effect of the disease.

Feed sudden change  At present, most chicken farming households generally use full-price compound feed to feed chickens, but some people immediately switch to new feed as soon as they hear how a certain feed is good. The reason is that chickens are used to the feeds they eat. If they are changed suddenly, they will affect the appetite and egg production of the chickens.

Working hard to feed  Do not blindly add some nutrients in the feed according to the nutrition standards required by chickens at different growth stages, resulting in an imbalance of various nutrients in the feed, which affects the growth and development of the chicken.

Disease and healthy polyculture  In the production of chickens, care is not taken to isolate and isolate sick chickens at any time, but sick chickens and healthy chickens are still in the same pen and mixed feeding with the same feed, which leads to epidemic infection.

Ignore the elimination of low-yielding and sick chickens. From the brood to the time before laying eggs, only pay attention to the survival rate of chickens, and do not eliminate weak chickens and chickens in time, which wastes feed and reduces the efficiency of raising chickens.

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