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Quail Laying Cages

quail laying cages

quail laying cages , The choice of woodland plays a very important role in raising chickens. To choose a well-drained, ventilated woodland, the trees and vines are more than 2 years old. It is best to choose a sparse canopy, a high canopy, a shade degree of about 70%, good light transmission and ventilation, and woodland Forests rich in weeds and insects are ideal.

Not suitable for use in woodland chicken farms

First, ecological forest belts such as riverside forest belts, road green forest belts, coastal protection forest backbone forest belts, and Olympic ring city forest belts are not suitable for forestland chicken breeding due to factors such as geographic location, forest area and shape.
Choosing the above forest belts to raise chickens affects the surrounding environment on the one hand and hinders the real play of the role of this part of the forest belt. On the other hand, raising chickens in such forest belts can also easily cause the chickens to be affected by the external environment and produce a stress response, thereby affecting their production performance;

The second is the fresh fruit forest land, which is not suitable for raising chickens.
Because the trees in the fresh fruit forest need to be sprayed with drugs, and the apples, peaches, pears and other fruits rot and fall to the ground, they are eaten by chickens, which are prone to poisoning;

The third is that timber forests (poplar forests) over 7 years old will begin to be harvested and should not be used as forestland for chickens.

Other woodlands can generally be used as woodland chickens.

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