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How Can The Chicken Not Be Sick?

How can the chicken not be sick?

How to raise chickens without getting sick? Chicks refer to chickens between 1 and 6 weeks old. The chick stage is the most critical stage in the entire growth period. In order for the chickens to grow and develop normally, the key is to reduce death and increase survival rate. How to raise the chicks in a special stage to make them not or less sick.

How to keep chickens from disease, first of all, they must have a good body to resist disease. Chicks require fresh feed, moderate particle size, easy to peck, rich in nutrients and easy to digest. Commonly used starter feeds include crushed bracts, crushed rice, millet, and full-price compound feed can be used if conditions permit. The chicks should be fed frequently and less frequently, and keep the room quiet. The last meal in the evening must be fed and fully fed. Feed 1/3 more than other meals and extend the feeding time appropriately, so that the chicks grow better. it is good.

It is very important to maintain a proper stocking density to keep the chickens free from disease. If the density is too high, the carbon dioxide concentration in the chicken house will increase, and the feces discharged by the chicken will increase, resulting in excessive humidity, causing the litter to emit a lot of harmful gases, affecting the environmental sanitation in the house; and if the density is too high, the activities of the chicks are easily restricted. Both drinking and feeding are affected, which affects the growth and development of chickens, and is prone to feather pecking and other diseases. If the density is too small, it will waste equipment energy, manpower and increase breeding costs. The general stocking density of chicks is 30 per square meter.

How to raise chickens without getting sick? Other management of chickens is also sloppy. The temperature and humidity should be kept suitable, especially when the body temperature of newly born chickens is low. Therefore, it is very necessary to maintain a high temperature of about 33 degrees, and the humidity is too high or If it is too low, it will have an adverse effect on the chickens. Ventilation and disinfection are important purification measures for the chicken environment. Chicken body resistance is low. Creating a good growth environment is the external factor of fewer diseases. Light should also be operated in accordance with scientific regulations.

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