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Is There Any Risk In Reed Chicken Breeding?

Is there any risk in reed chicken breeding?

Many friends are very optimistic about the potential of reed chicken breeding, but they are more worried. Is it difficult to raise reed chicken technology? What are the risks of reed chicken breeding? Is there a big risk in breeding reed chicken? The editor of Global Brand Animal Husbandry Network analyzes with everyone.

1. Good breeding efficiency

Ecological farming, green free-range farming, and the nutritional value of pure grain feeding is 4-6 times higher than that of ordinary native chickens. It is especially suitable for puerpera, patients and people who have recovered from illness. Children who have anorexia due to zinc deficiency syndrome, are not immune to food, are not growing up, and those who are middle-aged and elderly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The price of reed chicken is about 150 yuan/piece, and the price of reed eggs is 2 yuan/piece. Due to the scarcity of the market, the price will generally not fall in the later period. According to a rough estimate, the average income of breeding a reed chicken is about 50 yuan.

Two, the key points of reed chicken breeding

1. Individuals who are healthy, good-sized and fit the characteristics of the breed should be selected for breeding.

2. Ecological free-range reed chickens are very seasonal, and the time to enter the chicks is best controlled in March to September each year. The cold weather in other months is not suitable for this type of breeding. It is generally better to brood the chicks in the house. As the age increases, the light time and intensity should be gradually shortened and weakened. During the brooding period, it is best to feed full price with chicken feed. Eat freely every day and drink clean water freely.

3. Pay attention to daily hygiene, epidemic prevention and disease prevention and control. The sheds and utensils are often disinfected, and sick chickens are found to be isolated and treated immediately.

Three risks of reed chicken breeding

1 Do a good job of heat preservation and ventilation

The climate is cold in winter, and the temperature required in the house is very different from the outside temperature. It is necessary to ventilate and maintain the temperature in the house. This is the main problem to be solved in winter. The feces and wet litter excreted by the chickens should be cleaned up in time to prevent the accumulation of ammonia in the chicken house and the increase in concentration, which may lead to ammonia poisoning in broilers or cause other diseases. While ventilating, take care not to cause the temperature in the house to rise and fall.

2 Disease risk

When the physique of the broiler is weak and the resistance drops, some diseases can also be complicated by respiratory diseases. Those who have vaccination should strictly follow the immunization procedures for vaccination. Focus on the prevention and control of avian influenza, Newcastle disease, infectious bursal disease, infectious bronchitis, infectious laryngotracheitis, chicken pox and other diseases

3 Market risk

As a rare bird in China, reed chicken has become the first choice for people’s dinner tables, festive gifts, high-end restaurants, and farm restaurants.

But because the price of reed chicken is relatively expensive, it will not sell as big as ordinary chickens on the people’s table in the short term. Therefore, the main purpose of breeding reed chicken is to have a good market. You must find your own customer group and make a unified plan. , My suggestion, if the scale is large, you can build your own store while wholesale, and if you are small, find the hotel’s farmer’s market to sell it.

Global Brand Animal Husbandry Network recommends that farmers focus on small-scale breeding in the early stage, expand sales channels while changing breeding, find suitable sales channels, and then expand scale breeding.

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