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Several Key Elements Of Making Money By Raising Chickens

Several key elements of making money by raising chickens

Does raising chickens make money? In the breeding process, why are some friends always unable to raise chickens? The same chicken, the same feed, the same medication, the same big environment, what is the reason? 1% error will bring 100% failure. Looking at the various links in the breeding process, there are no particularly significant events, but they are all unremarkable work. However, it is precisely the degree of carefulness in handling small things that determines the success of farming. Farming is a high-risk business, which requires us to start small and continue to accumulate details.

From the beginning of the chicks into the coop, until the next batch of chicks into the coop, all work is very important. The whole process must focus on the growth and performance of the chicken with the principle of careful work and the confidence to win. Real-time adjustment of fans, heaters and small windows, especially in the winter and spring seasons where the climate has a variable day and night temperature difference, the environment inside the house will be affected by the external environment. In the breeding process, management accounts for 60% of the chickens. The work that requires careful attention in the management process is nothing more than the following categories:

First, water and materials.

In the whole process of raising chickens, it is necessary to ensure that the water supply of the water line is normal, no leakage, no blockage, and no pollution. This requires thoroughly cleaning the water line before entering the chicken, wiping the water cup, and checking the nipple installation and water leakage. A simple leak is not terrible. What is terrible is the exposed management slack. This means that we enter and leave the house less frequently, and the work when entering the house is not detailed enough. Too much water leaking on the ground will cause a chain reaction, resulting in increased humidity in the house. Under high temperature conditions, chicken manure is mixed with feed and quickly fermented to produce thick ammonia gas. The mucosa is the first barrier against foreign invasion. Once damaged, the chicks are completely exposed to a pathogen-filled environment, and the immune system will be overwhelmed by various pathogens. The end result is a mixed infection .

The fully automatic material line saves labor and improves work efficiency. This does not mean that we no longer pay attention to the material feeding problem. During the breeding process, it must be ensured that there is no leakage, no overfeed, and no mold. For example, there is only one reason for the material leakage problem, that is, the material tray is not installed properly. If the breeder has done enough work, check several times before feeding, and fix the probe when installing the level probe after expanding the fence, the above problems will be solved. If the most basic water and materials in the house are insufficient, it can be imagined whether other equipment in the house can run smoothly.

Second, temperature, humidity and ventilation.

People who are engaged in aquaculture know that temperature, humidity and ventilation are closely related and contradictory and unified. Especially in winter and spring, the outside temperature is relatively low, the humidity is relatively small, and at the same time, sufficient fresh air must be supplied to the chicken house. If the ventilation is too large, the drop in temperature and humidity will be relatively large; if the ventilation is too small, the air quality in the house will be poor. In summer, when the temperature and humidity in the house are too high, it is often necessary to increase ventilation to reduce the humidity in the house and the somatosensory temperature of the chickens. As far as the current season is concerned, although it is a beautiful season with warm spring flowers, but the temperature difference between day and night is large, and there are many windy weather, so how to adjust the fan and the small window to adjust the temperature in the house evenly to ensure the humidity and sufficient Oxygen has become a key task. When the temperature is high during the day, the ventilation can be increased, and the ventilation time is twice or more than that at night. Sufficient fresh air obviously helps relieve the symptoms of respiratory diseases. In the evening handover, everyone eats and rests. It is the time when everyone is most relaxed. The temperature starts to drop. At this time, the small window should be adjusted in time to prevent the cold air that is not fully preheated from blowing on the chicken. In this way, the chicken will only feel more comfortable, without the feeling of sudden cold. In windy weather, whether the small windows of the north and south walls have been adjusted accordingly to avoid inconsistent air intake from the north and south walls. Try your best to minimize the stress factor, and the chicken will naturally not catch a cold. Stress is the source of all evils, and viruses such as colds are helping accomplices. When you have not responded in time, they will push the chickens to the abyss step by step.

There is also a phenomenon in the breeding process, that is why some friends always keep chickens bad? The same chicken, the same feed, the same medication, the same big environment, what is the reason? The only difference here is the small environment of each house. The quality of the small environment stems from the things the breeders do every day, from the same problem and different attitudes and handling methods! In the breeding process, whether the details are processed successfully or not determines whether the flock will become ill, determines the total weight of the final slaughter, and determines the feed to meat ratio. This is the gap created by the details.

The root of everything lies in oneself, more self-examination from oneself will not defeat oneself, and everything becomes much simpler. It is not easy to do every simple thing well; it is extraordinary to do every ordinary thing well.

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