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Analysis Of Chai Hen Breeding Cost And Profit

Analysis of Chai Hen Breeding Cost and Profit

What are the benefits of Chai Hen breeding? The following editors analyze the breeding benefits of 3000 hens from the cost and profit of hens breeding.

First, the cost of rearing before laying eggs: laying eggs after 5 months of breeding.

1. Purchase chicks for 2.5 yuan each; purchase 3,000 for 7500 yuan;

2. Material 15 kg, 1.5 yuan per catty, shared money 22.5 yuan; 3000 common money 67500 yuan

3. The price of the vaccine for epidemic prevention is 2 yuan per chicken (including the labor fee for epidemic prevention); the share for 3000 is 6000 yuan

4. Medicine is 1 yuan per chicken, and 3000 chickens share 3000 yuan.

5. Labor: 1 person to raise 3000 chickens, monthly salary of 2,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan in 5 months,

The above shared fund is 94,000 yuan. The survival rate of the five-month chicken is calculated at 95%. The survival rate is 2,850, and the cost of raising each chicken before laying is 33 yuan.

Second, 300 days (10 months) of egg production income and expenditure:

(1) Expenses:

1. Feed: 0.15 kg per chicken per day, 45 kg per 300 days, 1.4 yuan per catty price, 63 yuan per chicken, and 179550 yuan for 2850.

2. Vaccines, medicines: 2 yuan for each chicken, 5850 yuan for 2850 chickens

3. Labor: a person’s monthly salary is calculated at 2,000 yuan, a total of 20,000 yuan in 10 months.

The total expenditure is 205,250 yuan.

(2) Income: The survival rate of 10 months of feeding is calculated as 90% (should be 95%), there are 2,565 surviving chickens, each chicken is laid as 200 eggs for 10 months, and 12 as 1 kg per catty (mid-late period) Each catty should be 11). Each chicken produces 16.6 kg of eggs annually, which is calculated as 15 kg, and the lowest price is 8 yuan per catty, and it should earn 120 yuan; 2560 can earn a total of 307,800 yuan.

(3) Income minus expenses: 307,800 yuan-205,250 yuan = 102,550 yuan

3. Chicken depreciation: the cost of breeding before laying eggs is 94000 yuan;

Gain from selling chickens: 2,565, each weight is calculated at 2.7 kg, a total of 6,925 kg, per kg is calculated at 10 yuan, a total income of 69,250 yuan, breeding costs reduced by selling chicken income: 94000 yuan-69250 yuan = 24750 yuan (chicken depreciation)

IV. Profit: Subtract depreciation from profit to be actual profit:

102550 yuan-24750 yuan = 77800 yuan. Estimated profit per chicken: 77800 yuan divided by 3000 = 25.9 yuan.

The above expenditures are relatively high, and the income is relatively low. There is room for this. This is also our experience in practice and is for reference only.

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