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Quail Transport Cage

quail transport cage

quail transport cage , Three-dimensional broiler cages are raised in fully automatic, enclosed, and three-dimensional cages, which not only saves space, but also doubles the benefits.

Zhang Jianyou, Miaoshan Village, Liushan Town, Linqu County, has been raising broiler chickens for five or six years, but he has been restricted by land and other aspects and cannot expand the scale. It has been transformed. The original breeding shed is 50M long, 12M wide and 2.5M high. Originally farmed on the ground or online, about 6,000 chickens were raised at a time. Now it has been transformed into a chicken cage with 6 rows and 3 floors, and more than 15,000 chickens can be loaded at a time. There is also an isolated studio, with automatic and manual consoles, (automatic temperature control, automatic ventilation, automatic water supply, feeding, etc.), a set of drinking water purifiers, and a total investment of about 200,000 yuan is invested.


One is the increase in density and the increase in stocks.

The second is that the chicken does not come into direct contact with manure.
Reduced the incidence of respiratory diseases and intestinal diseases in broilers
, It can save at least 2,000 yuan in medicine expenses every year.

The third is to save time and effort
, The excrement is cleaned in time, the air quality is improved, and the water is fed automatically, saving time, effort and convenience.

The fourth is to improve the quality of broiler products
, Reduce the number of residual chickens, control drug residues well, and facilitate veterinary supervision.

Fifth, it will be released in 42 days, 2-3 days in advance.
A batch was sold in 2013, with a net profit of more than 70,000 yuan. Each chicken earns about 5 yuan, and the cost can be recovered in one year.

Driven by Zhang Jianyou, more and more farmers come to visit and learn. Now more than 20 broiler farmers in the town have used this technology for broiler farming.

Three-dimensional broiler cage breeding has changed the traditional single-layer ground breeding or online flat breeding methods, solved the problem of land restriction on scale expansion, and improved breeding efficiency.

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