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New Chicken-raising Greenhouse Construction Plan

New chicken-raising greenhouse construction plan

In recent years, due to the convenient construction of new chicken-raising greenhouses, low cost and practicality, many chicken farmers have favored them. And how to build a new chicken breeding shed? What are the professional and comprehensive design methods?

1. Choice of address and orientation of chicken shed

The selection of shed sites, farmers should consider:

1. Topography: flat terrain and good ventilation;

2. Transportation: The transportation is convenient, which is conducive to the transportation of equipment and feed;

3. Water source: Water is the basic element for the survival of chickens, not only to ensure good water quality, but also to ensure that the water is not frequently cut off;

4. Power supply: The power supply must be safe and unblocked. In order to avoid losses caused by sudden power failure, it is best for farmers to equip the chicken farm with an automatic generator for emergency use.

In addition, the location of the greenhouse is one of the important factors that affect the success of chicken raising. Generally speaking, it is facing south, opening the door east-west, and opening the window north-south. This is conducive to natural care and natural ventilation.

2. Materials needed for constructing new chicken sheds

There are many kinds of materials used in the construction of greenhouses, their materials are different, and the prices are different, so there are two types, economical chicken sheds and simple chicken sheds.

1. Economical chicken shed

In the construction of economical chicken sheds, bamboo and wood are mainly used as frames, brick walls, windows, and cement floors (a layer of nylon cloth underneath, and 3~5cm cement on top). From the inside to the outside, the roof is composed of nylon cloth, straw (3~4cm), asbestos tile (or linoleum).

2. Simple chicken shed

When constructing a simple chicken shed, bamboo and wood are used as the frame, the dirt floor, nylon cloth or sunshade net as the fence, and the roof is made of nylon cloth, straw, and sunshade net (or nylon cloth) from the inside to the outside. The construction process will not be repeated here.

3. The structure and specifications of the new chicken shed

The structure of the new chicken-raising shed is generally: the lower part is long square, and the roof is herringbone.

1, shed

The shed is 60m long, 12.5m wide, 3.5m high, and 1.8m high.

2. Windows and doors

The design of the windows and doors of the chicken shed is very simple. You can make a window with a width of 1.3m and a height of 1.0m every 0.5m on the north and south walls.

3, ceiling

The main function of the chicken house ceiling is to ventilate and improve the air quality in the chicken house.

The design method of the ceiling is to make a ceiling with a length of 8.5m, a width of 3.5m and a height of 1.0m every 10-12m at the highest point of the roof.

4. New-style chicken-raising greenhouse area

How large a large shed needs to be built depends on the number of chicken farmers. For example, if the number of chickens is 6,000 to 9,000, the chicken shed will be about 750 square meters.

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