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Feeding Management Of Broiler Feeding

Feeding management of broiler feeding

Broiler farming, where feed intake management is very important. General management methods will not have the desired effect. The following global brand animal husbandry website will introduce how to manage broiler feeding.

1. The free-feeding method is to put the feed in the feed trough for the chickens to share at any time. Generally, feed 1-2 times a day and keep feed in the feeder all day long. This method is often used, not only the production speed of chickens is faster, but also to avoid the phenomenon of chickens grabbing, squeezing and weak chickens not competing for feed during feeding, so that the chickens can eat the feed more evenly. The growth and development are also relatively uniform, reducing the pecking addiction caused by hunger.

2. Timing and quantification is a feeding method in which the feed is divided into several times according to the specified time according to the age of the chicken and the requirements of growth and development. Generally, it is fed 4-6 times a day before the age of 4 weeks. Separate feeds from 6 o’clock to 11 o’clock in the evening, and the amount of feed fed should be eaten up half an hour before the next feeding. This method is conducive to improving the utilization of feed and effectively reducing feed waste.

The broiler chickens are free to eat and should maintain a large feed intake. The purpose is to increase the nutritional intake of the broiler chickens, increase the feed conversion rate, and achieve the fastest growth rate.

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