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What Are The Environmental Disinfection Methods For Chicken Farms

What are the environmental disinfection methods for chicken farms

How to disinfect the environment of the chicken farm? What are the methods for disinfecting the environment of the chicken farm? The long dark night in winter, low temperature environment, and heat preservation measures can easily lead to the growth of bacteria in the chicken farm. The disinfection of chicken farms in winter is very important. What are the specific methods?

1. Flame disinfection
. Use gasoline or diesel gasification and combustion to produce high-temperature jet flames to burn and kill the surface of the ground and cages to kill germs and insect eggs to achieve the purpose of disinfection. The disinfection effect is good, but it can only disinfect metal appliances and the wall and floor, and the working time is relatively long.

2. UV disinfection
. The ultraviolet lamp is connected to the power source to produce ultraviolet rays, which can kill bacteria and viruses. This disinfection method is suitable for the disinfection room of the chicken farm import and export. The ultraviolet lamp is installed on the top of the room, 2 meters from the ground, and the disinfection time is 10-15 minutes.

Three, spray disinfection
. It is suitable for disinfection of chickens under daily management conditions. Use high-efficiency disinfectant liquid to spray regularly to kill pathogenic microorganisms in the air in the house and on the surface of the cage. Spray can also reduce dust in the air, increase humidity and lower temperature.

Four, immersion disinfection
. It is suitable for plastic products for chicken breeding, such as buckets, drinking fountains, etc.

Five, fumigation and disinfection
. It is suitable for the cleaning and disinfection of empty houses and houses before entering chickens. You can use 5% to 10% formaldehyde solution to spray directly and then airtightly seal the doors and windows. Care should be taken to protect the personnel; in other seasons, use a mixture of formalin and potassium permanganate. Use 48ml formalin, 48ml water and 24g potassium permanganate per cubic meter. The specific method is: first dissolve the potassium permanganate with water, and then evenly divide it into a number of enamel containers (the container should be as large as possible to prevent external splashing), evenly distribute the formaldehyde in the house, and divide the formaldehyde into several parts. Potassium permanganate solution in an enamel container.

6. Drinking water disinfection

Broiler drinking water should be clean, non-toxic, free of pathogens, and meet human drinking water quality standards. The drugs used for drinking water disinfection are mainly chlorine preparations, iodine preparations or quaternary amine compounds.

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