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Modern Chicken House Design Drawing And Construction Cost

Modern chicken house design drawing and construction cost

Modernization has become the direction of agriculture. As an important part of agriculture, animal husbandry has an important leading role as the vanguard of agricultural modernization. Poultry industry, as a pioneer in the modernization of the a For the modern chicken coop, how is the design of the modern chicken coop designed? How is the construction cost of the modern chicken coop budgeted?

The arrangement of the scaffolding inside a modern chicken house depends on the width of the chicken house. Generally speaking, in a chicken house with a width of 10-16 meters: the litter part occupies the middle third of the chicken house, and the scaffolding is laid along both sides of the side wall. These three parts each account for one third of the width of the chicken house. This design can provide enough food, drinking water and laying box area for the chickens, helping to ensure even distribution and proper ventilation of the chickens. The arrangement of the scaffolding is based on the width of the chicken house. In some cases, the scaffolding can also be placed on one side of the house or the center of the house (like an island).

The choice of scaffolding for modern chicken coops depends on the actual situation. Although plastic scaffolding is expensive, it has the following advantages compared with scaffolds made of wood or wire mesh: light weight, non-absorbent and easy Cleaning and disinfection, tougher, more durable, and more resistant to decay. Chicken feet have less damage and different demands on plastic scaffolding. The iron wire plastic-plated scaffold is welded with thicker iron wire and plated with plastic to make a scaffold with a 2.5 x 2.5 cm aperture. This kind of scaffolding is cheaper than all-plastic scaffolding and has various advantages of all-plastic scaffolding.

The ramps and steps in modern chicken coops must be installed with scaffold ramps to facilitate chickens getting on and off the scaffold. Install a ramp every 5-8 meters along the scaffold. The location of the feeder and waterer should pay attention to the height and placement of the feeder and waterer. It is necessary to keep the height of the automatic feeder as low as possible. It is best to sit directly on the scaffold, so as to reduce chicken injuries and reduce feed waste. The height of the upper edge of the pan feeder should be adjusted to the height of the back of the chicken, which helps the chickens to move back and forth under the feeder. Automatic feeders or pan feeders should be placed 80 cm away from the side wall. It is necessary to ensure that the chickens have the prescribed feeding and drinking area. Drinkers should usually be placed between the feeding line and another feeding line.

The construction cost of a modern chicken house is a modern chicken house with a scale of 10,000 chickens. Various equipment and construction addresses will affect the cost. Generally, the construction of a shed is about 200,000, and the construction of a modern chicken house is more than 300,000. Prepare 500,000-600,000.

The following is a specific example: automatic feeding, 110 sets of 500,000 belt-type manure removal hot-dip galvanized cages. Infrastructure wall and floor 350 yuan / square meter * 600 = 210,000, roof color steel tile and beam steel structure 135 / square meter * 600 = 81,000, ventilation and cooling system 20,000, lighting system 30,000. A total of 814,000.

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