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Reasonable Water Supply For Chickens In Summer

Reasonable water supply for chickens in summer

In summer, chicken farmers can provide drinking water according to the following optimal drinking water.

Increases by age:
1 week to 6 weeks old chicks, 20 ml to 100 ml per chicken per day; 7 to 12 weeks old young chicken 100 ml to 200 ml; laying hens 230 ml to 300 ml.

Determined in proportion to feed intake:
Under normal temperature, drinking water is twice the feed intake; in high temperature environment, drinking water is five times the feed intake.

According to the egg production rate:
When the egg production rate is 50%, the water demand for each layer is 170 ml per day; in the future, for every 10% increase in the egg production rate, the water consumption will increase by 12 ml. The advantage is: to avoid excessive drinking of chickens and cause watery diarrhea.

Supply cold water according to the optimal temperature section:
When the weather is hot in summer, the effect is best when broiler chickens drink cold water at 8℃~12℃; broiler chickens drink cold water at 8℃~12℃, they will be sober and lively, feed intake will increase, feed conversion rate will be significantly improved, and Weight gain has a promoting effect.

The weather is hot in summer, and the amount of water the chickens drink increases. A reasonable water supply is the key to chicken growth and egg production.

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