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What Are The Ways To Prevent Heatstroke In Chicken Farms In Summer

What are the ways to prevent heatstroke in chicken farms in summer

Due to the fast metabolism of broiler chickens, the high temperature environment will seriously affect their feed intake and growth rate. Therefore, the summer heatstroke prevention and cooling work of chicken farms is very important. The following mainly introduces 5 heatstroke prevention and cooling methods:

1. Shade

Advantages: low cost, good heatstroke prevention effect. When the trees grow up, they can shade both the sports field and the chicken coop.

Disadvantages: The trees grow slowly and it takes several years to be effective. In windy weather, the branches near the chicken house may damage the chicken house, posing safety risks.

Suitable for farmers: For farmers who plan to breed for a long time, greening trees should choose varieties with fast growth speed, many branches, and good shading effect, such as bitter core trees. The planting site should be a certain distance away from the chicken house.

2. Install automatic water spray on the roof of the chicken house

Advantages: low installation cost, good heatstroke prevention and cooling effect.

Disadvantages: Requires auxiliary equipment such as high-pressure water pumps, which consumes a lot of power. The water flowing from the roof is not good for the intestines of the chickens after being drunk by the chickens.

Suitable for farmers: farmers whose roof is of brick or asbestos tile structure and there is no shade green trees around the chicken house. At the same time there is sufficient water and electricity supply.

3. Pull shading nets on the sunny side of the chicken house to avoid direct sunlight to the chicken house

Advantages: simple operation and low cost.

Disadvantages: Only used for auxiliary cooling of the sunny side of the chicken house, the effect is average.

Suitable for raising households: raising households whose chicken coop faces the south or west, which is easy to be exposed to direct sunlight at noon or afternoon.

4. Set up awnings in the sports field

Advantages: simple to build and low cost.

Disadvantages: The small area plays a role of shading, and the effect of heatstroke prevention and cooling is general.

Suitable for raising households: new breeders who have not planted green trees in the sports field or have small green trees that cannot play a role in shading.

5. Install an automatic spray line in the chicken house, and configure a fan to cool down at the same time

Advantages: The spray can evenly distribute the water to the utensils in the chicken house and the body of the chicken, and then quickly evaporate the water through the fan, which can quickly absorb heat to achieve the purpose of cooling.

Disadvantages: The installation cost is high, and auxiliary equipment is required.

Suitable for raising households: Can not install roof sprinkler to build new steel tile structure chicken house.

Due to the differences in the hardware facilities of the chicken coops and the greening of the sports field of different farmers, and considering the difference in cost tolerance, no one method is the best. The farmers can choose the most economical and effective method according to local conditions.

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