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Chicken Wire Cage Design

chicken wire cage design

White feather broilers are characterized by fast growth, short feeding period, and average weight when they are released. Next, I will talk about some opinions on the physiological characteristics of white feather broilers

1. Requirements for premises:

In the northeast, the heat preservation of the houses is the key. Some farmers only pursue the quantity but not the quality, and blindly expand the reproduction. The houses are simple and pitiful, resulting in high labor intensity, high heating costs, and high incidence and elimination of chickens. Therefore, the construction of chicken coops in the Northeast is very important, and attention should be paid to the design of the main body insulation and vents. In order to achieve high-quality breeding results.

2. Brooding:

There is a 50% responsibility for the successful brooding of chickens. During the brooding period, the temperature, humidity, air freshness in the house, and the density of the chicks must be reasonable. The temperature varies slightly according to the season, but for one purpose, the chicks do not gather together. It is fine to breathe without opening your mouth. Do not stare at the thermometer blindly, and cannot violate its physiological requirements; the humidity is controlled at 60-65%, and the appropriate humidity can prevent the floating dust from entering the respiratory tract, causing the nose to throw and cough after the first vaccination; Ventilation cannot be ignored. In fact, the indoor heating fuel consumes a lot of oxygen during the brooding period. After hypoxia, the chicks will overdrink and cause non-pathological diarrhea or suffocation of the chicks. If the density is too high, it will affect the uniform toxicity of the chicks and induce gastritis.

3. Selection and use of vaccines:

To choose vaccines prepared from SPF eggs, some vaccines are prepared from ordinary eggs, and immunization programs are formulated according to the epidemic characteristics of local diseases.

4. Drug control:

There are many misunderstandings in the use of drugs. Florfenicol is easy to be immunosuppressive, and cephalosporin antibiotics should be used for both Qiyan and Gram-negative bacteria. Before 20 days of age, try not to use western antiviral drugs, and use more pure Chinese medicines to prevent damage to the immune system. The medication should be used in accordance with the course of treatment to prevent the emergence of drug resistance. It is not possible to rely solely on drugs to prevent disease. It is necessary to manage the environment well, and the chances of developing the condition suitable for growth are much smaller.

5. Reasonable nutritional level:

Don’t pursue the high or low cost of feed. It is enough to have balanced nutrition and stable quality. Each manufacturer’s feed formulations are slightly different and cannot be compared with each other. The feed requires protein in the early stage and energy in the later stage, so for concentrated feed If you add it, you can reduce it (reasonable feeding cost, generally reduce the proportion of concentrated feed after 33 days of age, corn is the source of energy)

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