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Rabbit Cage Philippines

rabbit cage philippines

rabbit cage philippines  Many chicken farmers who raise layer hens tend to ignore the method of layer refueling. Sudden refueling of layer hens can easily diarrhea. The following editor focuses on the method of layer refueling.

Young chicken refueling

To change the feed for young chickens, do not directly change to laying chicken feed, nor suddenly change feeds. If you rush to complete the refueling at one time, the composition of calcium and crude protein will suddenly increase, especially the increase of protein, and the increase of drinking water will cause diarrhea due to poor digestion and absorption. Therefore, when feeding young chickens, the feed contains about 0.8% calcium and 15.5% crude protein;

Laying hen reloading

To change the feed for laying hens, it is best to switch to laying hen feed when the laying rate reaches 2%-5%. The feed for laying hens should contain 3.4%-3.5% calcium and 18% crude protein. When refueling, if it is young chickens that are bred by natural light after summer, they usually start production later, and they can start refueling at 18 weeks of age; if it is a reserve chicken that is bred by natural light after winter, it usually starts early. The feed is changed at 17 weeks; generally, 19-20 weeks old chickens are fed with pre-laying feed, also called transition feed. The calcium and protein components in the feed should be increased compared to the young chicken feed. The general calcium ratio It is 1% and the crude protein is 16.5%. When refueling, it takes about half a month to gradually complete the refueling process, not sudden and rapid refueling.
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