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Dove Cage

dove cage

dove cage  There is no feed material that can directly meet the needs of chickens, so it is necessary to scientifically and rationally mix the non-polluted layer feed. Principle of preparation:

1. To meet the nutritional requirements of chickens under different conditions. Chickens of different breeds, chickens at different growth and development stages, and chickens with different production performance have only different nutritional requirements. When performing feed compounding, the appropriate nutritional standards for chickens should be selected according to various conditions to scientifically meet the nutritional needs of chickens.

2. Safe and legal. When preparing non-polluted layer feed, strictly abide by relevant regulations and regulations, and do not use moldy, deteriorating or contaminated raw materials. For specific “Feed and Feed Additive Hygiene Indicators”, see Appendix 1. Strictly abide by the “Regulations for the Safe Use of Feed Additives”. See Appendix 2 for the contents of the Ministry of Agriculture Announcement No. 1224. Strictly implement the prohibition of additives and the prohibition period, and do not use drugs in excess or over-limit.

3. Economical and reasonable, try to reduce costs. Different raw materials have different nutritional content and prices; linear programming is often used to formulate the most cost-effective feed formula to achieve economical rationality.

4. Reasonable collocation, try to diversify the types of raw materials and use a variety of feed materials. It can give full play to the complementary effects of protein, amino acid and other nutrients in various feed materials, and improve the digestibility and absorption of various nutrients.

5. Use advanced new technologies as much as possible. At present, linear programming, goal planning, formulas designed according to digestible amino acids (3A), and the so-called “** risk formula” and “potential formula” are all good new technologies.

A long-term lack of any nutrient in the chicken’s diet will cause the chicken to suffer from nutritional deficiency. Therefore, the chicken feed should be formulated scientifically and reasonably according to the preparation principle.

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