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Listen To Music For Chickens, Higher Egg Production Rate

Listen to music for chickens, higher egg production rate

I saw something new at the Yuhe layer farm in Weixing Village, Xiaji Town, Baoying County, Jiangsu. The air conditioning in the chicken house was blowing a cool breeze, and the classic old songs of the 90s were floating in my ears. “Enjoy”.

The owner of the farm, Sun Yuhe, told reporters that when I checked the chicken farming skills on the Internet, I saw a farm in the United States listening to music for cows every day, and the milk production is very high. So he bought the stereo and installed it in the farm, and played music in the chicken coop from morning till night. “It’s all old songs from the 1980s and 1990s, with a gentle rhythm and beautiful melody.” And since listening to music, not only did the hens call differently, but the eggs laid were also larger. “In the past, 8 eggs weighed 1 pound, but now there are about 7 pounds, and the egg color is not whitish, and the egg shell is thicker than before!” Sun Yuhe said.

Not only listening to music, it is also important to control the temperature. Sun Yuhe installed air conditioners and exhaust fans in the chicken coop. The air was drawn on one side and exhausted on the other side to control the temperature and maintain ventilation.

With sound and air conditioning, Sun Yuhe spends about 5,000 yuan more every year, but his chickens rarely get sick, saving money on medication. Sun Yuhe once bought the same batch of chicks with the boss Gaoyou. Because his chickens rarely get sick, the savings in medicine costs are not counted. The daily egg production is more than 100 kg. Moreover, a laying hen generally has a peak egg production period of about 100 days, while his chicken is at least 50 days longer.

Sun Yuhe now has more than 12,000 chickens, with an average daily egg production of more than 500 kg. Due to the good selling of eggs and the low use of drugs, the market is in short supply.

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