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In The Autumn Season, Laying Hens Must Be Forced To Moult

In the autumn season, laying hens must be forced to moult

The laying hens consume a lot of nutrients after midsummer, and their physique has dropped significantly, and most chickens have stopped producing and moulting. The natural moulting period of chickens is 14-16 weeks, or even longer. The implementation of manual forced moulting can shorten the moulting period of laying hens and reduce economic losses.

Combination of chemistry and hunger

First cut off the water and feed for two and a half days, and at the same time stop the supplementary light, and promote the metabolic disorder of the flock by restricting feeding, and the nutrition supply is unbalanced, so as to achieve the purpose of synchronous moulting. Then began to supply drinking water and a small amount of feed, and from day 3 to the chicken egg supply containing 2% zinc sulfate, to the 10th day to feed normal egg production, and resume supplementary light. Generally, after 2 months, the flocks can concentrate on re-laying eggs simultaneously, which can increase the egg production rate by 9%-12% compared with natural moulting.

Adjust feed and nutrition

During the moulting period of laying hens, it is necessary to prevent them from eating grass, sand, feathers and other debris due to starvation. When restoring the feed, the feed supply should be gradually increased, and sufficient feeding positions should be provided to ensure that all chickens can eat the feed at the same time, avoiding excessive feeding and partial feeding. The calcium content in the diet of laying hens should gradually increase to 3%-4%, and at the same time supply enough vitamin B, green feed and sprout feed, etc., to give enough water, and the light gradually increases to 14-16 hours.

Compilation of flocks and epidemic prevention

Since the egg production of chickens decreases by 15%-20% every year, the chickens over the age of use must be eliminated in time for the moulting period, and sick chickens and low-yielding chickens should be detected to reduce feeding costs. During the moulting period, vaccines such as Newcastle disease, avian cholera, and infectious laryngotracheitis can be immunized and dewormed.

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