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Feeding Method Of Laying Chickens

Feeding method of laying chickens

In the production process of laying hens, adopting the feeding method of “changes in fixed time” can achieve good results. Now the brand of animal will study this method with you.

One is “the time has changed.” Feeding 3 times a day, the time can be determined according to the season (such as: summer and autumn at 5 am, 12 noon, 5 pm). But in the future, the feeding time must be delayed for about 15 minutes in turn, and then back to the determined time after 5 consecutive days. The cycle is repeated every 5 days, and so on. This is to consciously make the chicken hungry and make the chicken eat more. The hunger is short-lived and does not affect the health of the chicken.

The second is “changes in feed set.” That is, laying hens must be fed full-price compound feed, not a single corn (2445, 2.00, 0.08%) or other single feed. This is a set principle. However, in the usual feeding process, it is necessary to be flexibly mastered, so as to be unchanged while changing. The compound feed can be mixed with some fresh and juicy vegetable leaves, wild vegetables or leftovers. Doing so can make the chicken’s diet nutrition comprehensive, not only improve palatability, but also save compound feed and reduce feeding costs. Practice has proved that the adoption of the feeding method of “changes while fixing” can make chickens maintain a strong appetite, improve digestion, absorption and utilization, and have high feed returns. The production performance of chickens can be fully utilized and the number of eggs produced is large. Big size and high quality. Chicken farmers may wish to give it a try.

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