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The Main Points And Methods Of Insect Chicken Breeding Technology?

The main points and methods of insect chicken breeding technology?

The popularity of insect chickens in the market can be seen because of its high nutritional value and greater benefits for human bodies. In order to meet market demand, more and more farmers have begun to enter them and choose insects. Carry out. So how to breed bug chicken?

The main points of insect breeding technology

In the breeding process, the problem of the site also needs to be understood, and the problem of site construction. Many people don’t understand what kind of thing it is? In order to ensure a high-quality venue, some friends have invested too much in the early stage, but instead caused their income to be in direct proportion. This is also a bad thing, there is no need to invest too much, but the basic facilities must be well designed, not just resting places, eating and drinking water and walking sports, sunbathing areas, these areas and infrastructure need to be prepared Only complete can guarantee its better growth.


As the saying goes, a good foundation is half of the success, especially for farming. Cultivation of insect chickens does not mean that you can get any kind of chicken at random. You can call it insects by feeding some insects, and it still has certain requirements for breeds. If the variety is poor, the variety cannot be mentioned, and sales are also a problem. Generally, the internationally renowned and excellent breeds are selected, so that the products produced are more marketable, and the price and efficiency will be significantly improved. The generally available chicken breeds are: foreign ladies chicken, guinea fowl, our domestic Gushi chicken, Ma chicken, colorful pheasant, etc. However, everyone should note that it is not to say that the better the variety, the more appropriate, and the selection of varieties must be based on local conditions.

Misunderstanding of breeding

This is a lot of friends do not understand the correct breeding method, some friends are gradually exploring the state, and finally achieved profitability. For those friends with good luck, they succeeded in breeding for the first time, and then formed their own set of specialized breeding theory, but not everyone is so lucky. In the breeding process, you need to pay attention to various You must understand the correct management techniques. These are very important aspects. If you do not have the correct attitude to breeding, do not understand what is the right thing during the breeding process? In the end there are many dangers. I hope everyone can understand.

Mountain forest farming method:

1. The facilities for stocking insect chickens in the woodland require isolation facilities around the walls, which can be built with fences or fences; build brooding houses to allow chickens to move indoors, feed and drink water at night and in rainy days, and have feeding and water supply equipment , Water supply equipment should be distributed in the woodland.

2. The egg laying period of worms and chickens should also be properly restricted. If they are allowed to eat, there will be weight gain and fat deposition, which will lead to a decrease in egg production rate. The determination of the food consumption of laying hens is mainly based on the level of egg production and the size of body weight The feeding amount increases and decreases with the increase and decrease of the egg production rate, especially after the peak egg production period, the feeding amount must be controlled, usually reduced by 8%-12% on the basis of free feed intake, that is, the material saving is also reduced Mortality rate, when the phenomenon of pecking addiction occurs, in addition to eliminating the cause of the addiction, it should also be increased in an appropriate amount in the feed.

3. Strengthen management According to the situation of wild resources, if you are not full during the day, you should add words to the feed trough at noon and in the evening, and you need to supplement it at night. Several bulbs with hoods need to be hung outside the hen house to supplement the light at night, and can also attract insects to feed the chickens to prevent wild animals from approaching the flock. Avoid polycultures of different ages to prevent mutual influence on production due to fighting, spread of chicken disease, and inconvenient production measures. To reduce accidental casualties and loss, and prevent the harm of wild animals, woodland is generally in the wild, and there are many wild animals that may enter the orchard, such as weasel, mouse, snake, eagle, wild dog, etc. These wild animals have different ages for insects and chickens May cause harm.

4. Hygiene and epidemic prevention should keep up, clean up the feces in the woodland in time, disinfect regularly, vaccinate on time, feed antimicrobial and antiparasitic drugs in time, sick chickens should be dealt with in time.

Ecological insect breeding method:

The ecological insect method is the human breeding method to breed insects and chickens. The key to this method is how to breed insects. As long as there are fresh bait maggots, the feeding is much simpler.

Common methods of insect breeding include the following methods:

1. Porridge worm breeding method. Pick 3 small plots and pour gruel on the ground. Cover with grass, etc., pay attention to prevent rain and flooding. Small insects can be born after 2 days, and chickens can be eaten in turns to meet the chicken’s demand for protein feed.

Talking about the management skills of insect chicken breeding

2. Straw breeding method. Dig a rectangular soil pit with a width of 0.6m and a depth of 0.3m, cut the straw into 6-7cm long sections, boil it for 1-2 hours with water, remove it and pour it into the pit, and cover it with 6-7cm thick sludge ( Sewage mud or pond mud, the same below), garbage, etc., compact the sludge, pouring 1 pot of rice water every day. Insects will grow in about 8 days. Open to allow the chickens to peck, then cover the sludge, etc., rinse the rice water, and continue to grow insects.

3. Bean cake breeding method. A small amount of bean cake (or peanut bran, etc.) is crushed and fermented with tofu dregs. After fermentation, it is mixed with rice grains and leaves, placed in a 20 to 30 cm deep soil pit, covered with a layer of thin sludge, and covered with grass and so on. , Infested after 6 to 7 days.

4. Insect breeding method with bean curd residue. Pour 1~2kg bean curd residue into the tank, pour the rice washing water, cover the mouth of the tank, the worm will grow after 5-6 days, and then the maggots will feed the chicken after 3-4 days. Using 6 cylinders to insect in turn can meet the needs of 50 chickens.

5. Law of rot grass breeding. Dig a pit 1.5m wide, 1.8m long, and 0.5m deep in the more fertile land, and lay a layer of straw at the bottom, a layer of tofu residue on it, a layer of cow dung, and a layer of dirt on the dung mud. So paved until the pit is full, and finally covered with a layer of grass. Insects grow in about 1 week. Insect chicken breeding is a very popular breeding method. No matter it is in woodland, flat land or even indoor breeding, insects can be used for breeding. Due to the tender meat and high protein nutrition content of chickens raised with insects, the market demand is also increasing. For chicken farmers, we must grasp the good market prospects of insect chickens and increase the promotion of insect chicken breeding.

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