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What Are The Key Points Of Broiler Breeding Technology

What are the key points of broiler breeding technology

Broiler breeding is an important part of the chicken industry. The breeding volume is large and the distribution is wide. The level of broiler breeding technology determines the efficiency of the enterprise. What are the key points of broiler breeding technology?

Choice of chicks

The quality of chicken fry is the basis for the success of broiler breeding. One is to select good breeds, mainly including fast large broilers (such as AA, Ross 308, Kebao, etc.) and yellow feather broilers (fast, medium and slow); the second is to introduce no vertical transmission disease (such as pullorum disease) , Leukemia, etc.) healthy chicks.

Choice of feed

Because broiler feed accounts for more than 60% of the production cost of broiler chickens, an important part of broiler breeding technology is the choice of feed. According to the different growth stages of broiler chickens, choose the corresponding full-price compound feed. If the ingredients are self-made for this farm, they should be prepared according to the nutritional needs of the broilers at each stage. When selecting the nutritional standards, they should be combined with the actual local conditions, such as climate, seasons, breeding methods, chicken house structure, breeding density, breeding conditions, and chicken breeds. , Age, selling weight, growth rate, feed conversion rate, management experience, etc., should be adjusted appropriately.

Chicken house environment

The body temperature of newborn chicks is between 39.4 and 41.1°C, with less subcutaneous fat, relatively less hair, poor heat preservation ability, and poor temperature production ability using energy. After 28 days of age, feathers began to grow, the body temperature regulation mechanism began to be sound, and gradually adapted to the external environment, and the metabolism of the broiler itself was also very fast. These factors make broilers have particularly high requirements on the temperature, humidity and air quality of the breeding environment. To meet the environmental control requirements of broilers, healthy and rapid growth and development of broilers can be guaranteed.

Epidemic prevention measures

The chicken farm must strictly guard the system to prevent pathogens from being introduced, and strictly implement the sanitation and disinfection system; adopt the “all-in and all-out” feeding method; develop scientific immunization procedures, and pay attention to many issues in the implementation of immunization, such as drinking water immunization. Use chlorinated tap water or water with too high pH, ​​and ensure that the container is clean and does not contain disinfectant when preparing vaccines.
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