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Twelve Tricks To Eliminate Chicken Lice In Autumn And Winter

Twelve tricks to eliminate chicken lice in autumn and winter

Chicken lice is an insect parasitic on the surface of poultry, and it is also the most common ectoparasite in poultry. In autumn and winter, chickens are prone to lice. The symptoms are: itching is unbearable, it will jump and leap, and the feathers will fall off. Skin damage, lack of energy, loss of appetite, weight loss and anemia. Chick lice can affect growth and development; hen lice have a sharp drop in egg production rate. There are twelve kinds of methods for removing chicken lice:

1. Sand bath to remove lice Set up a sand field near the chicken coop, and put 0.05%% fly toxic phosphorus, 5%% sulfur powder or 3%% pyrethrum powder for the chicken free sand bath.

2. Liquor treatment of lice Use cotton balls dipped in liquor to coat the skin of chicken lice parasites, which can be cured 3-4 times.

3. Medicinal liquid spray Use refined trichlorfon tablets to grind it and spray it with Miduwei to mix it with water, the effect is very good. The specific usage is as follows: the dosage per 1,000 adult laying hens is: 250 trichlorfon tablets (the specification is 0.3 grams). The powder is 75 grams. Dissolve trichlorfon tablets and dissolve the powder together with 15 grams of warm water to completely dissolve. After mixing, spray in all directions, with an interval of 5-7 days. Exterminate.

4. Use 2%%~3%% pyrethrum powder or 5%% sulfur powder for dusting and dusting. Use a medicinal sprayer to spray the powder or sprinkle directly under the chicken wings. The inside of the legs, chest, abdomen and other parasitic parts can be used to spray the chicken. Lice kill.

5. Spray to kill lice at noon in spring, autumn and winter, non-toxic lice extract (use 5 ml of non-toxic lice extract plus 2.5 liters of water to mix) or Houning insecticide aerosol, non-toxic chlorpyrifos, bromine Cypermethrin (metabax), etc., is formulated into a diluent according to the product instructions and sprayed (the chicken is picked up and the feather spray is reversed). At the same time, use non-toxic lice killing agent or Hou Ning insecticide aerosol, non-toxic chlorhexidine, etc. to prepare a diluent according to the product instructions, spray the chicken house, sports ground, walls, perch, grass mat, etc. Kill chicken lice in the environment.

6. Tobacco lice to treat lice Dry tobacco leaves 50 grams, soaked with 1 kg of boiling water for 2 hours, then wipe the chicken body with tobacco leaves to wipe the body to the extent of moistening, do not wipe too wet for too long, otherwise it is easy to poison.

7. Treating lice with vegetable oil Take 250 grams of vegetable oil and 250 grams of vinegar. After mixing, apply it to the parasites of chicken lice, once a day in the morning and evening, and use it for 2 days to cure.

8. Washing powder to eliminate lice The aqueous solution of household washing powder can remove the wax on the surface of the insect body and block the pores, which can cause the insect body to suffocate and die quickly. Therefore, the chicken body is washed with 1%% to 2%% aqueous detergent powder solution to kill the chicken lice. At the same time, it also has the advantages of safety, washing chicken body dirt, keeping clean and hygienic.

9. If the chicken lice are found by the sanitary ball treatment, according to the size of the chicken house or the chicken, use a few small cloths to wrap up different numbers of sanitary balls separately, and then fix them in several corners of the chicken house and the top cover Go on, you can eliminate all the chicken lice in the house in about a week. For the chicken lice on the chicken, the wrapped hygienic balls can be tied under the wings of the chicken. Generally, two chickens per chicken can be used, and one chicken can be bundled, which can drive away the body within 2 to 3 days. Lice.

10. The insecticidal lice insecticide contains 10 mg of ivermectin per milliliter. It is a safe and efficient drug for the prevention of chicken lice disease. The appropriate dose is subcutaneous injection of 1%% avermectin 0.2 mg per kg of body weight on the inner side of the wings , 10 days apart, another injection, usually two times can be cured. This method has remarkable curative effect on chicken lice, which is more convenient than medicinal bath and is not subject to seasonal restrictions.

11. Camphor pill is used to treat lice. The camphor pill is crushed and ground into a powder, which is evenly scattered in the hen house when the chicken is on the nest at night. After 4 days, check the chicken body. If there are still live lice, use the same method to increase the amount. , You can completely eliminate lice in the chicken coop and chickens. If the chicken has more lice, you can also sprinkle a little camphor powder into the feathers of the chicken, the effect is better.

12. Pour the body surface to treat lice. Sprinkle with trichlorfon, diazoxide, and dimethamidine (mite g) on ​​the body surface once a day for 2 days to cure.

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