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Introduction To The Methods Of Forced Moulting For Broiler Breeders

Introduction to the methods of forced moulting for broiler breeders

The correct application of forced moulting technology can effectively shorten the time of moulting of breeder chickens, reduce breeding costs, save costs, and extend the utilization period of egg production. It is also an important means to quickly improve the economic benefits of chicken operators.

1. How to force moult

The current common moulting method for broiler breeders is the continuous hunger strike. Making a perfect implementation plan before moulting is the key to ensuring the success of moulting. The compulsory moulting program for broiler breeders includes preparation period, moulting period, recovery period, and technical indicators. Among them, technical indicators are the guiding principles for the development and implementation of mandatory moulting programs.

In order to ensure the neatness of the moult, the following three points must be achieved:

First, the egg production rate of the flock within 6 days after the feed suspension must be reduced to less than 1%;

Second, the mortality rate during the period from feed suspension to egg production rate of 50% must be controlled within 5%;

Third, the weightlessness rate during the moulting period must be 27%-30%.

2. Measures to force moult

Compulsory moulting of chickens refers to a chicken production technology that uses manual measures to shorten the time of moulting and prolong the laying period. Correct application of forced moulting technology can shorten the moulting period by 10 weeks; reduce the cost of raising young chickens and save costs; extend the egg production period of more than 3l weeks to obtain more eggs, chickens, commercial eggs and other products; purify the breeding chickens Group, improve the quality of eggs.

compulsory moulting imitates the induction principle of natural moulting of chickens, and after a long-term production practice, with a low death rate in exchange for large groups and moulting at the same time, to achieve the purpose of rejuvenating old chickens to rejuvenate the body. At present, the manual forced moulting method commonly used by breeders is the continuous hunger strike method. Before implementing the forced moulting, a detailed plan is the key to its success.

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