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Learn How To Raise Chickens More Economically?

Learn how to raise chickens more economically?

How to control the cost of raising chickens? First of all, we must start with the province feed.

Scientifically formulated feeds are generally 0-4 weeks old chicken feed, which should contain 20%-21% crude protein per kilogram; in broiler feeds over 5 weeks old, each kilogram should contain crude protein 18%-19%, and calcium accounted for 1% , Phosphorus 0.65%, and special attention should be paid to the balance of various amino acids in the diet to meet the needs of chicken growth and development.

Reasonable feeding of broilers is best to feed pelleted feed. If feeding dry powder, you should eat less and add more. There must be enough troughs and drinking fountains. Generally, for chickens over 2 weeks old, there should be a 1-meter-long trough for every 30-40 chickens, and a 1-meter-long waterer for every 70-80 chickens, which can reduce feed consumption.

To reduce feed waste. Feeding broilers should be fed less frequently, and try to ensure that there is no or less feed left in the tank. Choose full-price pellets to avoid picky eating among chickens. The feed must be fresh, do not buy too much at one time or self-prepared, it is better to use it up in a week. When self-mixing, under the condition of ensuring nutrition, try to choose low-cost local raw materials to reduce costs.

To do a good job in disease prevention and control, we must adhere to the principle of “prevention first, prevention more important than cure”. Vaccination and preventive administration should be carried out on time according to the local epidemic characteristics, especially the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, such as internal and external parasitic diseases, mild coccidiosis and malabsorption syndrome, and chronic respiratory diseases.

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