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How To Divide Male And Female Pheasant Seedlings In One Month?

How to divide male and female pheasant seedlings in one month?

How do one-month pheasant seedlings divide into male and female? One-month-old pheasant seedlings are larger and have a little colorful hair on the chest. This is an appearance observation method. Now let’s introduce how to divide a male pheasant seedling into a male and a female?

How to divide male and female pheasant seedlings in one month?

1. The correct method of turning the anus

The key to distinguishing males and females is to master the correct method of turning the anus. Both the anus must be opened quickly, and the position must be correct.

(1) The correct method of turning the anus

1 Catch the young and hold the young: There are two common methods of gripping and group holding.

2 Defecation and anal turnover: When defecating, the left thumb gently presses the lower edge of the left iliac bone of the abdomen, and the feces are discharged into the feces tank by chick breathing. The index finger is bent on the back of the chick, and at the same time, the right index finger is pushed up on the thumb in a straight line, and then pulled down to the anus to gather, and the left thumb is also gathered inwards. When you squeeze together, the anus can be opened.

(Two) precautions for anus turning operation

1 Operation actions and postures should be coordinated and natural, with clear division of fingers and mutual cooperation.

2 When turning the anus, do not bend the three-finger joint, the triangle should be small, and do not pull the top. Use moderate force. If you use too much force, your anus will be too exposed. If you do n’t use enough force, it will be difficult to pull out your anus.

3 Feces should be cleaned once, and anus should be turned once.

Second, accurately distinguish the small differences in reproductive uplift

Under the premise of correct anal turnover, the key to identification is whether it can accurately distinguish the small differences between male and female reproductive bulges.

(1) According to the presence or absence of reproductive bulge and the difference in tissue morphology, it can be divided into normal type and abnormal type.

1 Normal type: A small white spherical protrusion at the junction of the second and third folds in the center of the lower wall of the cloaca near the opening of the anus is judged as male, and it is judged as female if there is no protrusion.

2 Abnormal type: Abnormal type is the difficulty of identification. It is mainly distinguished according to the differences in the morphology of the reproductive bulge, that is, the appearance, gloss, elasticity, degree of hyperemia, and the shape of the front of the bulge. The summary of common misjudgments is shown in Table 1.

(2) Precautions during identification

1 If there is feces or exudate discharged from the anus, you can wipe it with your left thumb or right index finger and observe again.

2 If you encounter a reproductive bulge that is difficult to distinguish at one time, you can touch it with your second thumb or right index finger, and observe its elasticity and degree of hyperemia. Do not touch it multiple times.

3 If you are unable to judge accurately, first look at the morphological characteristics of the reproductive bulge, and then conduct anatomical observation to summarize the experience.

4 Pay attention to the difference between the proportion of normal and abnormal types and the shape of the reproductive bulge between different breeds.

3. Improve the speed of identification

Normally, the number of hatchers in hatcheries is very large, and it is required to complete the identification within 24 hours after the chicks are released. The identification speed is very important. To achieve a speed of 1,200 per hour, you must:

1 Hold the chick to turn the anus quickly, and the brain reaction should be faster when distinguishing males and females.

2 In addition to defecation and anal turnover, you need to clear and turn it once, and identification also requires one sight.

4. Reduce the mortality rate of chicks

Under the conditions of good incubation technology, the best identification time is 8 to 12 hours after hatching, as long as the grasping, holding, defecation, anal turnover, identification, and hatching are properly operated, the chicks from the shell are disabled The mortality rate can be as low as 0 to 5% or less.

In short, it is necessary to comprehensively and firmly master the key techniques for identifying male and female chicks, not in a short period of time, but to use both hands and brain in a longer practice, experience it repeatedly, and develop a rigorous and serious work style. achieve.

Then tell you to identify the seven-character sutra of the chicks: the chicks have broken their shells and just landed on the ground, and there are differences in male and female postures; the heads and feet are usually males, and the heads and feet are usually females; The hen walks in a straight line, and the cock moves on both sides; the tail of the chicken is gently touched by hand, and the female round male tip is undoubted; the chicken is lifted by the feet, the head is facing down; the hen is picked up and the cock is run down. The mother moves slowly; blows off her tail hair and looks at the buttocks. There are white dots underneath for the cock. Although it is not absolute, there are eight or nine.

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