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How To Make The First Drink Of Commercial Egg Chicks

How to make the first drink of commercial egg chicks

a. The first drink is carried out 0.5 hours after the chicks enter the chicken house. The first drink needs to be boiled and cooled to 25-28℃ and the pH value is close to 7. The water is 3-5 liters per thousand chickens, and 50 glucose is added to the water. Grams/liter. After 1 hour, the above-mentioned drinking water was withdrawn and replaced with drinking water supplemented with professional oral medicine (the general oral medicine is composed of antibiotics and multiple vitamins with small side effects).

B. Pay attention to the first drinking of the chicks. If the chicks enter the drinking fountain (commonly known as “bathing”), they should be picked out in time and placed near the heat source to prevent cold stress. If the “bath” is serious, it proves that the chicks are dehydrated, and the temperature, humidity and start time of the chicken house need to be adjusted, and the temperature and humidity can be increased. The start time can be appropriately delayed.

c. If most of the chicks are unwilling to move, check the temperature of the chicken house. It may be that the temperature of the chicken house is too low. If the temperature has reached 35℃ or higher, observe whether the air flow speed is too high. If it is small, it may be related to the large gap between the survival bed grids. It is recommended to put a layer of professional brooding paper on the bottom of the cage or on the bed grid within one week of age to allow the chicks to move and keep their belly warm.

d. During the initial drinking process, the light intensity of the chicken house should not be less than 3 watts/㎡, (incandescent lamp, the newspaper is 30-40cm away from the eyes and can see clearly), and there is no dead corner of light to ensure that the light is reflected on the water surface Help the chicks find a source of water.

e. During the initial drinking process, the chicks should be constantly driven to ensure that each chick can evenly drink enough drinking water. The chicks that still have no water after 0.5 hours are mostly late hatching or weak chicks, and should be kept in separate groups. , And immerse the chick’s mouth in the water to teach it to drink.

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