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Why Is The Egg Production Of Laying Hens Low?

Why is the egg production of laying hens low?

The level of egg production rate is very important to economic efficiency. How to increase the egg production rate of breeder chickens and reduce the unit cost of breeding eggs is particularly important to minimize the factors that lead to the decline of egg production and hatchability of breeders. The factors that cause the drop in the egg production rate of breeder flocks can be summarized into two categories: one is infectious diseases, and the other is feeding management. The following will focus on feeding management.

(1) Feed Nutritional Factors Lack or excessively high nutrient elements in feed, changes in the source of raw materials and nutrients, and low-quality feed ingredients can all cause egg production to decrease. In addition, high water content in corn, unbalanced and incomplete nutrition, insufficient drinking water, insufficient vitamin D, E, and manganese in the feed, and insufficient salt can all cause a decrease in egg production. Feed nutrition cannot fully meet the egg production needs, resulting in abnormal egg production and poor egg shell quality, resulting in a decline in egg production and the quality and hatchability of breeders.

(2) Feeding management factors: Heat stress, shock, insufficient light, vaccination failure, improper use of equipment, sudden change of feed, lack of responsibility of breeders, etc. can all lead to a drop in egg production. The author once encountered a broiler breeder farm that suddenly stopped lighting for more than 10 hours due to an accidental failure of the light controller, causing the egg production rate of breeders to drop from 80% to 30%.

Strengthen feeding management

Strengthen sanitation, epidemic prevention and disinfection, establish effective biosafety measures, and insist on using SPF vaccine all year round to reduce cross-infection caused by improper use of vaccines. Feeding comprehensive and high-quality compound feeds creates a safe, comfortable and hygienic living environment for breeders, and enhances the physique and disease resistance of the chickens. This has a positive effect on the recovery of egg production after any factor causes the egg production rate to drop. .

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