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Precautions For Hatching Chicks In Spring

Precautions for hatching chicks in spring

Note for hatching chicks in spring:

1. Humidity
Keep the relative humidity indoors at 60%-65%; the relative humidity of the hatching machine is 55%-60%; the relative humidity of the hatcher is 65%-70%.

2. Temperature
The incubation room and the incubation room temperature should be kept at about 25℃; the egg surface temperature should be kept at about 39℃ in the early stage of incubation; the latter should be kept at 37.5-38℃; the temperature of the hatcher should generally be controlled between 36-37℃.

3. Turn the eggs
In order to heat all parts of the breeding eggs evenly and maintain the normal development of the embryo, the eggs should be turned over on time. Fire pit hatching can turn the eggs every 4 hours; machine incubation, turn once every 2 hours, the angle of turning the eggs is 90 degrees.

4. Cold egg
After 12-13 days of incubation, the eggs should be cooled regularly twice a day so that the heat generated by the fetus in the eggs can be released in time to prevent “natural” death. The temperature of the cold egg should be controlled at about 36℃, that is, when it is connected to human skin, it can feel warm or not.

5. Ventilation
While maintaining the normal temperature and humidity, pay attention to frequent ventilation to keep the air in the room or in the incubator fresh.

For more knowledge of breeding technology, please pay more attention to the breeding technology column of the global brand livestock network.

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