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What Should Be Paid Attention To In Feed In Laying Hens In Spring?

What should be paid attention to in feed in laying hens in spring?

Spring has arrived, and there are many things to be aware of for laying hen farmers. For example, in terms of feed, certain adjustments need to be made in spring to meet the growth and laying requirements of laying hens. So, in the spring, laying hens, what should chicken farmers pay attention to in terms of feed?

The temperature in spring is a gradual increase, and the demand of chickens for keeping warm by energy has declined. Therefore, the energy content of chicken feed in spring should be reduced appropriately. Otherwise, the weight of the chicken will increase faster, and the egg production rate will decrease accordingly. Generally, chicken farmers can reduce the proportion of corn, grain and other ingredients in the feed. This reduces the energy, which is more helpful for increasing the egg production rate of chickens.

When laying hens start production in spring, calcium supplementation is necessary to avoid the occurrence of soft-shell eggs and non-shell eggs. Reflected in the feed, you can generally use some shell powder and other calcium supplements. In addition, in order for chickens to absorb calcium properly, the calcium-phosphorus ratio must be properly matched. If the laying hens have pecking, egg pecking, loss of appetite, etc., they need to add minerals and salt. At the same time, we should pay attention to add some green vegetables leaves, etc., to supplement the vitamins required for laying hens.

After laying hens start production in spring, the demand for protein will increase significantly. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to adding soybean cake, fish meal and other substances in the chicken feed. As the egg production rate of chickens gradually increases, when it reaches 50%, the digestible protein content in the feed should reach 15.5%. Later, as the egg production rate of chickens continues to rise gradually, for every 10% increase, the protein content needs to be increased by 0.5%, and it should not be increased until it reaches 16.5%, so as not to cause gout.

To sum up, in the spring, laying hens, feed mix points are: control energy feed, supplement protein and calcium, pay attention to calcium and phosphorus ratio, supplement vitamins, minerals and salt. I hope these can help you friends of laying hens.

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