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The Cost Of Chicken Breeding Includes Those Aspects

The cost of chicken breeding includes those aspects

Large-scale and extensive chicken farming models seem to be dying under the impact of diseases and epidemics, but the chicken industry is still going on. Some are advancing with innovations in chicken farming models, and some are working hard on chicken breeds. Today, comparison of streets and lanes The popular local pot Chaiji tells us that now the popular is to raise local chickens. When it comes to local chickens, everyone is familiar with them. When I was young, my family always raised a few chickens. For people, the cost of local chicken breeding, including those aspects, is a problem that needs to be solved.

Chicken cost

For friends who are just starting to raise native chickens, the chicken fry should still be purchased. The price of a chicken fry is about 4 yuan. Novices generally don’t buy too many fry at the beginning, just 500-1000. Roughly around 3000 yuan.

Feed cost

The feeds used in local chicken breeding are grains (rice, corn, wheat, sorghum, sweet potatoes), greens, yellow mealworms, etc., roughly including green feed, concentrated feed and protein feed. Since most chicken farming requires a larger site, it is better to have better vegetation, so it is relatively remote, and the above-mentioned feeds are relatively easy to obtain.

Site cost

How many native chickens can be raised in one mu of land? Native chickens generally require 0.25 square meters of activity space. Due to the different locations, plus the differences in breeding methods and techniques, one mu of land can raise at least about 2,600 chickens. Rural woodland , Grassland, orchard, sand, wasteland may not require much rent, so the cost is not too big.

Medicine cost

The cost of medicine is not negligible in the cost of local chicken breeding. Chicken farms must do a good job in disinfection and immunization, and do a good job in chicken immunization and disinfection and epidemic prevention to prevent the occurrence and spread of infectious diseases. This is the key to the success of large-scale chicken farming. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of immunization and disinfection and epidemic prevention, reduce the death of chickens, and increase the survival rate and commodity rate. The immunization program for native chickens should be determined by the nature of production (commercial broilers), and it is best to follow the broiler’s The immunization program is carried out by reference.


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