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How To Determine The Orientation Of The Chicken Coop During Construction

How to determine the orientation of the chicken coop during construction

Many issues should be paid attention to when constructing chicken coops, such as site selection, location determination of chicken farms, chicken farm layout, etc. In fact, after some principled issues have been determined, some technical issues are also factors that cannot be ignored in relation to breeding efficiency, such as Said that the chicken coop’s orientation is determined, and the temperature of the chicken coop and the health of the chickens will be more secure.

When determining the orientation of the chicken house during construction, it should be comprehensively considered according to the situation of the chicken farm site. It is a specific use of the chicken farm site factors. Therefore, it is necessary to understand clearly the factors when selecting the site, such as high dry and flat terrain. The leeward wind is sunny, open and well exhausted, and the relevant climatic and meteorological data affecting the microclimate of the chicken farm, including: temperature, wind, wind direction and severe weather. Under the comprehensive interlacing of various situations, the best combination must be matched, and then some specific technical problems will be solved.

The orientation of the chicken house is related to the environmental effects such as lighting, heat preservation and ventilation of the chicken house, mainly the use of sunlight, heat and the dominant wind direction. Sunlight can affect the light, solar radiation affects the environmental temperature of the chicken house, the dominant wind direction has an impact on the pollution of the chicken farm, the ventilation, the ventilation effect of the chicken house, and the environmental temperature in the chicken house.

The hen house is constructed with full consideration of light. Light is very important for chickens. Light is a good natural light source. It is an indispensable factor to promote the normal growth and development of chicks and the laying and reproduction of laying hens. Because the light in the house depends on the sunlight, the temperature in the house is affected by solar radiation, and the ventilation in the house is affected by the dominant wind direction. It is necessary to understand the local dominant wind direction and solar altitude angle.

In terms of ventilation effect, when the longitudinal direction of the chicken house is parallel to the dominant wind direction, the airflow uniformity of the chicken house is strengthened, and the stagnation area is correspondingly reduced. When the wind direction angle is 45 degrees, the stagnation area is the smallest and the ventilation effect is the best. In addition, when the chicken house is parallel to the dominant wind direction, the sewage discharge effect is best. Therefore, experts suggest that according to the requirements of the ventilation effect of the chicken house, an angle of 30 to 45 degrees should be the most appropriate.

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