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Unknown Casualties Of Chicks Are Nothing More Than These Three Reasons!

Unknown casualties of chicks are nothing more than these three reasons!

Farmers have encountered many such situations. The chickens raised in their own home fell to the ground without knowing why, and died, and this situation is not an exception. The survival rate of chickens is not 100%, but you have to understand the reason clearly in my heart, so we can also know how to prevent and pay attention to it in advance? In fact, this situation is nothing more than 3 points. You should remember these 3 points clearly. .

Prevention is not in place

The immune system of the chicks is underdeveloped, the immunity is relatively weak, and they are susceptible to diseases. Therefore, the prevention of diseases in the chicks should be paid attention to. First of all, the farmers paid little attention to the operation of disinfection and sterilization of insulation equipment before brooding; secondly, the disease prevention was not timely and the method was improper; another important thing was the improper use of drugs, and there was no better grasp of the rules of drug use. This will also increase the mortality rate. Therefore, the equipment and utensils should be clean and hygienic during the brooding process, and the disease should be prevented in time during the brooding process, and the use of drugs should be mastered to reduce mortality and improve economic benefits.

drug poisoning

Farm brooding often choose furans to prevent and treat chicken pullorum, but the drug is very toxic and chickens are more sensitive to it. Therefore, a large amount of use will cause a large number of deaths of chicks. In addition. Long-term use of this type of drug will cause slower excretion from the chicken body and excessive accumulation of poisons, which will also cause chronic death of the chicks. Therefore, when feeding such drugs to chicks, mix the drugs evenly in the feed. If added to the water, the precipitated high-concentration drugs should be discarded to prevent poisoning.

Inappropriate temperature during brooding period

Proper temperature is a necessary condition for brooding. In rural areas, cartons, baskets, and coal stoves with hay are generally used as heat preservation equipment for brooding, and there is no way to control the proper brooding temperature. If the temperature is too high, the water in the chicken body will be easily lost, appetite will decrease, growth will be slower, the respiratory tract will be easily infected with diseases, and the mortality rate will increase; if the temperature is too low, the normal body temperature cannot be maintained, and breathing will be difficult, which will affect the growth of the chicken. Growth, decreased resistance and increased mortality.

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