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How To Construct Battery Cage

how to construct battery cage

how to construct battery cage The method can be used to brood the chicks in a plastic greenhouse. The temperature at the first week of brooding is 10℃ lower than the temperature in the incubator, and then gradually lower the temperature until it is close to the natural temperature and stop heating. The relative humidity within 1 week of brooding is 60%-70%, and after 1 week of age, it is 50%-60%. During the brooding process, the brooding temperature should be kept stable. Pay attention to ventilation and increase the fresh air in the shed. The density of young bamboo chickens is 1-10 days old 80 per square meter; 10 days to 4 weeks old 50 per square meter; 4 25 to 13 weeks old per square meter. Illumination intensity: 20 hours to 1 week of age, full-day illumination is implemented, and the intensity is 4 watts/square meter; when commercial bamboo chicken brooding, the illumination is 20 hours/day, 2 watts/square meter. The brooding in the shed should prevent cats, rats and other hazards.

Drink water 24 hours after hatching, first use 1:3000 potassium permanganate solution to allow them to drink freely, then start drinking 0.5% glucose water for 5 consecutive days the next day, and then drink water with enrofloxacin (with water according to the instructions) 5 day. The food should be started 24 hours after the shelling. First feed some broken rice mixed with cooked egg yolks, sesame seeds, etc., and then sprinkle the feed on the thick cardboard to let them find food. The feeding amount** averages 8 grams per day during the week. gradually increase. After the second week of age, it will be changed to full feed for the growing period.

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