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The Key Points Of Broiler Breeding Technology

The key points of broiler breeding technology

The technology of broiler farming mainly focuses on breeding and feeding management in order to improve the production capacity of broiler chickens and raise the efficiency of breeding, thereby increasing the overall income of the farm.

1. Choose high-quality and high-yielding broiler breeders.

Select breeder breeds that are suitable for local growth conditions and have high yield performance, strong disease resistance and can produce high-quality offspring to purify breeders and prevent vertical spread of diseases.

2 Strictly select young birds

Chicks must be hatched from 52-65 grams of breeding eggs, and the same batch of chicks should be from the same parent flock. The chicks have good feathers, clean and shiny. The umbilicus healed well without infection, and the feathers around the anus were dry. He is agile and lively, struggling forcefully in his hands, and his chicken feet are as shiny as wax.

Three temperature is one of the main factors in the brooding stage, and the appropriate temperature can bring the maximum benefit of the feed.

Too low temperature can easily cause respiratory disease and death of chickens. The first week of brooding in winter and spring is generally controlled at 35℃~36℃, and then lowered by 2℃~3℃ every week. Second, according to the reaction of chickens, this is also a problem that farmers should pay attention to. When the temperature is too low, the chickens will be sharp. It is called a pile. When the temperature is too high, the chickens are scattered and panting. The chickens are evenly distributed when the temperature is right. You can also use a combination of thermometer and senses to judge whether the temperature is suitable.

4. Fresh air in the chicken house can prevent respiratory diseases.

Harmful gases or dust in the air can affect the health of chickens and even cause death. The anaerobic bacteria in the chicken house decompose manure and nitrogen-containing organic matter to produce ammonia. When the ammonia concentration in the chicken house is 15×10-6, people feel uncomfortable. In addition, when the coal stove is used for heat preservation, a large amount of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are produced , Hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases, so you should ventilate without reducing the normal room temperature to reduce the content of harmful gases and dust in the chicken house.

5. Special attention should be paid to the drying and cleaning of litter when raising broilers.

During the brooding period, it is best to use horizontal raising on the Internet, so that the chickens and manure are separated to reduce diseases; the temperature of the medium and large chickens should be thickened to increase the temperature below 18 ℃.

Sixth, the density should not be too high

Excessive density will cause unbalanced growth of chickens and increase of harmful gases in the air. Especially in spring, when humidity is high, chickens are susceptible to E. coli, coccidia, staphylococcus, etc., and can accelerate the epidemic. Therefore, broilers should generally be controlled at about 10 per square meter.

Seven reduce stress response.

Excessive voices, group transfers, vaccination, sudden weather changes, and feed conversion are bad stimuli to chickens and can often cause disease. Avoid unnecessary catching and disturbing as much as possible during the feeding period. Anti-stress drugs can be used for prevention before transfer to groups and vaccination; take care of the cold stress caused by the drop in temperature.

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