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What Issues Should Be Paid Attention To In Chicken Farms?

What issues should be paid attention to in chicken farms?

Many friends attach great importance to the epidemic prevention work of farms, such as disinfection and immunization, but the choice of site for the construction of farms is very simple. In fact, the choice of site is the first choice for the success of the farm.

1. Selection of site. Whether the construction of chicken coops is scientific and reasonable is directly related to the production capacity of broilers and the profitability of chicken raising, so attention must be paid. If you want to build a new chicken farm, you should choose a place where the terrain is dry, the soil is good, the north faces the south, and the leeward is sunny. This is conducive to heat preservation in winter, ventilation, sunlight and drainage in all seasons. If you want to expand the scale, there should be room for development.

The first is the construction site: it must be far away from other breeding farms, slaughterhouses, markets and arterial roads, otherwise, once the disease is prevalent, it will be very easy to be recruited.

The second is the choice of the wind direction of the chicken coop: the general direction of the chicken coop in our country is slightly south or north from the north-south direction. If you build an east-west chicken coop, I dare say that your chickens are difficult to raise.

The third is the layout of the field. I have summarized 4 separations, the separation of chickens and chickens, that is, the separation of chickens and laying hens, the separation of chicken coops, etc.; the separation of humans and chickens means that people and chickens cannot live together; the third separation of manure , That is, the channels for transporting feed and feces should not overlap, and the fortieth is separated from inside and outside, emphasizing the separation of the chicken farm itself from outsiders and vehicles.

2. Traffic. The transportation to the chicken farm should be convenient, and the road should be good, so that the chickens, feed, litter and other materials can be transported in and out of the slaughter chickens and manure.

3. Water and electricity. Water and electricity are necessary conditions for chicken production. When choosing a chicken farm, you must consider whether the electricity at the place can meet the needs of peak production. Do not power off for a long time, especially when the chicken house needs temperature and light during brooding. Power failure will cause the chicken to die due to low temperature. The water quality should be clean and pollution-free. It is best to use deep wells or disinfected tap water. Undisinfected river water, pond water or water containing excessive chloride ions should not be used for drinking by chickens.

4. Epidemic prevention issues. Chicken farms should be built 1 kilometer or more away from villages or livestock farms to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases. Individual chicken farmers should not set up chicken coops in areas where people pass by or live in. It is best to have a small isolation section to prevent outsiders from entering and leaving except for the breeders.

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