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Size Of Quail Cage

size of quail cage

size of quail cage Technical points of broiler early feeding management:

1. Do a good job in the early feeding of the chicks, so that the chicks will get even and good development within the first week. For chicks from 1 day of age, they must pay attention to the uniformity work on the basis of ensuring the survival rate. The weekly weight and uniformity of the chicks are very important and must be up to the standard, otherwise it will affect the slaughter weight, so carefully pick out the feed after entering the house. Those that are not good or in poor condition, including smaller chickens, can be fed separately and given meticulous care. There is no obvious time requirement for this work.

2. Change the previous method of feeding chickens after drinking water for a period of time when they enter the house. The water and feed are all added before the chicks arrive. Especially since the introduction of Ross 308, the water and feed were also proposed for the preliminary management work according to the experts’ suggestions. However, some farms still dare not to do so. They always think that “you should drink water for the chicks before feeding them, worrying about causing serious dehydration.” Judging from the practice in the past few years, this is completely An old concept. During work, we found that when the feed and drinking water are arranged, the chicks will choose according to their needs. If the dehydration is serious, they will grab the water and drink the water. Otherwise, if there is no dehydration, drink the water. Not very active, running back and forth in front of the trough.

3. Change the previous practice of allocating drinking fountains according to the number of chickens, and increase the number of drinking fountains accordingly, so that the chicks can easily find water in the pen after they enter the house. It is best to put the vacuum drinker on the brick when entering the house. In order to prevent the chicks from “bathing” after being dehydrated due to long-distance transportation, add water from the second time and place them on the Internet to gradually lead the chickens to the automatic drinking equipment. When possible, it is convenient for the chicks to use the automatic drinking equipment as soon as possible. From the fifth day onwards, one-fourth of the drinking fountains should be moved out every day. Remember not to use the automatic drinking equipment directly when you enter the house.

4. If the chicks arrive in the first days, do not use the feeder tray, but use a clean plastic cloth to spread on the net or spread a clean harder paper, and spread the material on the chicks for the chicks to eat, the effect is far better than using alone The feeder should be good, especially in extreme weather conditions, when the chicks are in poor condition after long-distance transportation, this feeding method is more effective. In theory, this method is prone to fecal pollution and waste of feed, but in fact It can be overcome through good management.

With the continuous improvement of genetic breeding and feed nutrition formula technology, the level of broiler feeding is also continuously improved, and the early feeding and management of chicks is particularly important.

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