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Rabbit Cage Meat

rabbit cage meat

rabbit cage meat,At the beginning of Lixia, it was the season of survival and spread of viruses and bacteria. Chicken flocks are susceptible to the following three syndromes, which should be prevented.

1. Decreased egg production syndrome
Chicken flocks that occur during the peak period of egg production or the period of rising egg production are common in natural conditions such as sudden rises in temperature. The drop in egg production in the flock is about 20%, and some even exceed 40%. Prevention and treatment measures: Except for immunization with decreased egg production syndrome vaccine and strengthening of comprehensive health care, others are similar to the prevention and treatment of respiratory syndrome.

2. Broiler ascites syndrome
It is more common in chickens between 4 weeks and 5 weeks of age. The incidence is generally 3% to 5%. It is one of the most serious diseases in broilers in late spring and early summer. The abdomen of the sick chicken is enlarged, the head and face are purple, breathing is difficult, and the chicken gradually exhausted and died. Necropsy of the dead chicken showed that the abdomen was filled with pale yellow fluid, pericardial effusion, right heart dilation, lung congestion, and edema. The disease is a multi-cause disease, including chronic hypoxia in the house, excessive ammonia concentration, feeding of high-energy feed, excessive growth, nutritional factors (such as lack of selenium, vitamin C, and phosphorus), and poisoning (such as salt, drugs) And genetic factors are the main pathogenic factors of the disease.

Control measures: ①Improve the breeding environment. Pay attention to the hygiene of the chicken house, and at the same time, the ventilation should be limited. ②Rationally mix feed. Feed energy should not be too high, salt should not be excessive, calcium and phosphorus should be balanced, and vitamins should be supplemented appropriately. ③ Early feeding restriction. Broilers can be appropriately restricted from 2 weeks to 3 weeks of age, and they can be fed 90% of the normal diet. ④Reduce stress response and prevent poisoning. In particular, it is necessary to prevent the feeding of sulfa drugs that are more toxic to the kidneys and liver; aminoglycosides and other antibiotics should not be used too much; to prevent the feed from spoiling and spoiling. ⑤ Ascites syndrome often secondary to colibacillosis or chronic respiratory disease, you can choose to take sensitive drugs to prevent secondary infections.

Three, fatty liver syndrome
The disease is a nutritional disorder caused by fat metabolism disorders in chickens. Suffering from pale anemia of chicken combs and meat beards, discharge of gray and white feces, stretched head and neck or bent back, fell to the ground and cramped, and died of weight loss.

Control measures: ①Control the energy level in the diet and increase the protein content by 1%-2%. ②Add 100 grams of choline chloride, 50 grams of methionine, 5 grams of multivitamins, vitamin B12 (12 mg), and 0.05 mg-0.1 mg of selenium to every 100 kg of feed. ③The sick chickens are fed separately, each fed with 0.1 g-0.2 g choline chloride and 1 mg vitamin E. At the same time, take 30 grams of Bupleurum, 20 grams each of Scutellaria baicalensis, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Alisma, 10 grams of Schisandra chinensis, grind finely, and feed the mixture at a dose of 1 -2 grams per bird.

Improve the level of breeding and management, carefully feed, create an excellent living environment for the chickens, and increase the disease resistance of the chickens.

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