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Fairly Used Battery Cage

fairly used battery cage

fairly used battery cage Livestock and poultry farms should be built in high and flat places as much as possible, not in valleys and depressions and other areas prone to floods; after heavy rains, it is necessary to promptly remove stagnant water, clean up water-soaked places or appliances, and open doors and windows. Strengthen ventilation, prevent the breeding of disease sources, and strengthen moisture-proof in the house; prohibit foreign vehicles and personnel from entering the production area. Vehicles that must enter must be thoroughly disinfected. At the same time, strictly control the flow of personnel and prohibit other animals from entering the field; strictly disinfect. 3%~5% caustic soda can be sprayed on the ground once a week around the premises. The feces in the house should be cleaned up in time and regularly disinfected with 5% bleaching powder, 3% batox, caustic soda, and peracetic acid. Feeding utensils such as food troughs and water troughs should be cleaned and disinfected frequently to maintain cleanliness; pay attention to mosquitoes and rodents. Livestock and poultry are prone to infectious diseases after being bitten by mosquitoes, and weeds in the field should be removed in time; doors and windows of the field in early summer should be nailed with gauze as soon as possible to prevent mosquitoes and wild birds from flying in; add insecticide eggs to the feed , And spray drugs in places where there are more mosquitoes. For example, during the peak period of mosquito emergence, feed sows with vitamin B1 every 3 days, and the feeding amount is 30-40 mg, so that the pigs will produce a smell that mosquitoes dare not approach. You can also smash tomato leaves and mint leaves and take them. When the juice is applied to pigs, it has a better mosquito repellent effect and does not harm livestock; according to different breeds, various heatstroke prevention and cooling measures should be taken to prevent heat stress on livestock and poultry caused by rising temperatures after rain, causing various bacteria Outbreak of disease or epidemic; scientific feeding. Improve the nutrient content in the feed, provide high-quality feed, appropriately feed some feed with high protein, vitamin, and mineral content, and ensure the supply of sufficient and clean drinking water; it is strictly forbidden to feed moldy and deteriorated feed.

At the same time, strengthen animal epidemic prevention According to local immunization procedures, timely vaccination is carried out to establish a high-level immune group and effectively prevent the outbreak of infectious diseases. At the same time, we must strictly implement animal quarantine, avoid transferring livestock and poultry from epidemic areas and not transferring sick livestock and poultry or their products to other places to avoid unnecessary economic losses.

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