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Now Share The Breeding Method Of Pheasant Seedlings

Now share the breeding method of pheasant seedlings

The chicks enter the brooding room, with 50 per square meter per week, separated into a group, and spread fresh and clean dry straw on a flexible plastic net or a bamboo woven net. The thickness of the grass is suitable so that the chicken manure can fall from the gap to the ground. In the second week, 40 animals per square meter were removed and the turf was removed so that the chicken manure fell directly to the ground through the mesh. In the third week, there are 30 per square meter, and then 10; the chicks are raised in groups according to age, strength, size, male and female; the temperature of the chicken house is 32°C in the first week, and 2.5°C every week thereafter to the natural temperature of 21 The temperature is reduced at ℃; the 4-hour periodic interval light method of 1 hour light and 3 hours dark is adopted to make the chickens have an appropriate amount of activity and rest, promote the growth of native chickens and increase the feed utilization rate, and save electricity. The light intensity refers to the light intensity of the daylight window; chicks can be grazing at 25 days old, which is one of the important factors to ensure a high survival rate.

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