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Is Free-range Chicken Technology Suitable Only In Rural Areas?

Is free-range chicken technology suitable only in rural areas?

How is the technology of free-range chicken farming in rural areas different from large-scale chicken farming? Is it easier? Is free-range chicken technology suitable only in rural areas? Friends who want to raise chickens often ask if it is suitable for free-range chickens. Suitable places for free-range chickens are hills, shallow mountains, and grassy slopes with better ecological conditions.

Rural free-range chicken technology, what is the difference than large-scale chicken farming

Free-range farming is extensive farming. It is flexible. It is easy to get in and out. There is little profit or loss. There is only a little technical risk and a small market risk. You can eat it if you can’t sell it. It’s not like a large-scale investment in standardized chickens. House, specialized personnel management, specialized equipment, huge investment, high technical risk and market risk.

Is free-range chicken technology suitable only in rural areas?

1. Mountain and slope

To avoid pollution, the mountains must be far away from residential areas, industrial and mining areas, and main roads. The environment is secluded and tranquil, with clean air. The best is shrub forest, thorn forest, broad-leaved forest, etc. The slope should not be too large. The slope should be less than 30 degrees, and hilly and mountainous areas are more suitable. There are clean water sources such as pollution-free streams and ponds nearby.

2. Garden

It is best to keep the garden away from densely populated areas, with flat terrain, long sunshine time, easy to prevent predators and infectious diseases, and the age of fruit trees should be 3 to 5 years old. Use old fishing nets or fiber nets to isolate the surrounding area for easy management. There must be clean and sufficient water sources in the park to meet the drinking water needs of chickens. Suitable gardens for breeding include bamboo gardens, orchards, tea gardens, mulberry gardens, etc., requiring high dry terrain, shelter from wind and sun, quiet environment, convenient drinking water, no pollution, and no animal harm.

Three, the field

It is best to choose a field with high dry terrain, sheltered from wind and sunny, quiet environment, convenient drinking water, pollution-free, and no animal damage, such as corn fields. Field breeding has many advantages. First of all, it can save a lot of feed. Put the chickens in the field. Usually, the chickens can find food by themselves to meet their own needs. Under normal circumstances, there is no need to feed them in the field. Secondly, chickens eat a wide range of food in the field, and the food is diverse, such as various pests, grasses, grass seeds, etc., so they generally do not lack nutrients, grow fast, and produce high eggs. Third, the air in the field is fresh, the food is more comprehensive, and the mortality rate of chickens in the field is low.

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