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Commercial Rabbit Cage Dimensions

commercial rabbit cage dimensions

commercial rabbit cage dimensions,When fly maggots raise chickens, pay attention to the following points:

1. The total amount should be 20% of the feed, and the height should not exceed 30%. If you eat too much, the chicken eats the maggots, pulls the maggots, and eats them back. The most frightening thing is that it may lead to excess egg white, swelling of water in the belly of the chicken, and sudden death.

2. Immature small fly maggots are not suitable for feeding chicks. It’s not what people often say, “Little maggots feed chicks, and big maggots feed big chickens. Because the little maggots have undigested bacteria in their abdomen, they also have bacteria on their bodies. Mature fly maggots no longer eat, and there are no black threads in their stomachs. The dirt on the body of the mature fly maggots that crawled out was also cleaned.

3. Fasting chickens should eat some other feed first, and then feed the maggots, so the utilization rate is high.

Fly maggot raising chicken can promote production and increase egg production rate, but pay attention to the above 3 points, otherwise it may cause accidents.

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