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Can Fly Maggots Raise Chickens To Reduce The Cost Of Raising Chickens?

Can fly maggots raise chickens to reduce the cost of raising chickens?

Everyone has heard about fly maggots raising chickens, and there are cases like this in many places. I only heard that fly maggots raise chickens to make money, but that is when the market is good. Is the specific fly maggots raising chickens real? Can reduce the cost of raising chickens? How to feed it?

Chicken cost of fly maggots

The fly larvae only solves the cost of protein feed ingredients in the feed cost. Because the cost of these ingredients is relatively high (such as fish meal, soybean meal), the replacement of fly larvae can achieve the purpose of significantly reducing feed costs and expenses, and at the same time, it can improve meat quality and improve immunity. This cannot be achieved with fish meal and soybean meal. Understand the above-mentioned reason, we can know that for fly maggots, feeding cannot be completely replaced. Generally, daily energy feed cannot be reduced. But the problem becomes simpler. Generally, it is enough to feed the chickens with corn. Taking into account that mountain chickens can eat a certain amount of wild food to satisfy their hunger, according to the general feed conversion rate and the current market corn feed price plus some auxiliary feed, the feed cost of a chicken of about three catties is about 10 yuan.

Effect of fly maggot feeding chicken

Feeding chicks with fresh fly maggots significantly accelerates their growth and development, which can enable laying hens to start laying one month earlier; each additional kilogram of fresh maggots will increase the egg production by 0.75 kg, which can increase the egg production rate by 10%-20%. Compared with the control group fed with fish meal, each chicken produced 1 to 1.5 kg more eggs per year. Feeding broilers with fresh maggots increased the weight gain rate by 70% -139% compared with the control group (fed with the same amount of fish meal), and the feed return increased. Adding 8%-10% fly maggot meal to the diet of laying hens can increase the egg production rate by 16%-18% compared with the control group fed the same amount of fish meal.

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