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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To When Preparing Breeder Feed?

What problems should be paid attention to when preparing breeder feed?

There are two main aspects to the preparation of breeder feed. One is the main formula, which is generally based on corn and soybean meal; the other is the use of additives.

In reality, breeder feed is relatively willing to invest in large formulas, and there are fewer problems, but the problem of the use of additives is more prominent. Generally, the problem of the use of additives in breeder feed affects about 5-10%. Comprehensive egg production rate and hatching rate.

The main problem of the use of additives is: I am used to using additives in the way of laying hen feed. The only difference is that more vitamins are added, more traces are added, and more complex additives are used, which cause more problems and use more drugs; compare The immunization procedures of laying hens are also more complicated, and the stress problem is also more serious.

Among them, the problem of additive selection caused serious losses. Two weeks ago, a customer in Shandong asked about a Sino-Japanese joint venture breeding chicken farm that caused serious losses due to leukemia problems. The incidence rate exceeded 30%. Many types of chickens were bleeding due to bleeding. More than dying. Searching for vaccines is not possible, and a very important reason is the poisoning of additives, not the virus itself.

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city survey found,
Breeder feed has some wrong views that seriously affect the performance of breeders
, The more prominent ones include:

1. Vitamins: Many people think that adding high amounts of vitamins should always be useful, but they ignore that reasonable vitamins are important. Among them, high amounts of VA and VE cannot improve the performance of breeders, and the results are very likely. Negative, they include the drop in hatchability of breeding eggs and the increase in the rate of dead stocking of breeders (excess VA).

2. Addition of trace elements: First of all, it needs to be clear that high amounts of traces are one of the causes of breeder diarrhea, and lead to the decline of eggshell quality and egg quality; for example: high iron can not improve the performance of breeders, so it is often observed To the deviation of eggshell color, commonly known as “yin and yang eggs”, this situation is a metabolic burden; high manganese leads to more sand shell eggs, calcium frosted egg shells (white foggy surface), and taller breeders Dead Amoy rate.

3. The addition of baking soda: Baking soda cannot improve digestion, especially when there is a high amount of micro-minerals, it will increase diarrhea and cause absorption obstacles. You can see an increase in special-shaped eggs, especially a kind of eggs with collapsed sides.

4. The use of phytase: In the case of high manganese and high calcium, the use of phytase is more likely to form hard-shelled eggs. When beating, the egg shell appears horizontal cracks instead of normal cracks. This kind of egg hatching The rate is relatively low, which will cause about 3 to 5% of the chicks to fail to emerge from the shell, and the problem of chicken leg disease after the shell is also clear; breeders and layers should have different use values ​​for the use of phytase. Breeder chickens are used to produce chicken fry, which is clearly different from ordinary eggs. Phytase should not be added to the breeder feed.

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